From 16-19th May, the Interzum will present a wide variety of materials, fittings, components innovations for interior design and furniture manufacturing. 

As the world’s largest industry event in these fields, Interzum provides a comprehensive overview of new technologies and design. A new hall layout provides even more space than before while a more compact allocation of floor space allows for shorter walking distances within the exhibition. 

The division of the event into the three segments: Materials & Nature (halls 4.2, 6 and 10.2), Function & Components (halls 4, 5, 7 and 8) and Textile & Machinery (halls 9, 10.1 and 11.1/11.2) allows visitors to find exactly what they are looking for as conveniently as possible.

With over 1500 exhibitors from more than 60 countries presenting their innovations, Interzum is the industry’s largest event worldwide. More than 65 % of visitors and exhibitors come from abroad, making Interzum the most international industry fair. 

At this year’s event, alongside the industry’s big names, plenty of smaller, highly innovative companies will again also be participating. International exhibitors will be showcasing an exciting and extraordinarily wide-ranging mix of new technologies, materials and surfaces. 

As drivers of innovation and suppliers of the entire interior design industry they are important partners in the development of new products and design trends. Precisely because of this wide range, not only do the most modern materials, components and manufacturing processes become visible at the fair, but also trends and visions for the design of future living spaces: topics such as conservation of resources, sustainability, up-cycling and the increasing interest in digitalised living environments are all covered. Its flair for innovation makes Interzum particularly interesting for creative professionals. 

The role of materials in individualisation: the Materials & Nature Piazzas at interzum 2017

The leading international trade fair for the furniture and interior construction industries’ supplying sections, interzum, is traditionally divided into three segments: Textile & Machinery, Function & Components and Materials & Nature. 

In this way, the entire spectrum of components used in furniture manufacturing and interior construction is presented in a concise yet comprehensive way. Alongside the exhibitors’ presentations, every segment offers its own Piazza, providing an area which has been designed to focus on a specific theme and which serves as a meeting place and source of inspiration. 

In this year’s Materials & Nature segment, there will for the first time be two Piazzas inviting visitors in – and they will again be conceived and designed by the interior architect Katrin de Louw. The theme for the Piazzas will be individuality.

In ancient Italian towns, wherever two or more streets joined up, businesses, cafés and restaurants would settle. To this day, people still meet up in the piazza to discuss the latest world events, meet up with friends or conduct business. This is not unique to Italy: it happens all over the world – including Cologne, at the world’s leading fair for the furniture and interior construction industries’ supplying sections.

Each of the three themed areas at interzum has its own Piazza, all tailor-made to focus on their respective core theme. In the Materials & Nature segment at interzum 2017, there will be two Piazzas for the first time: one in Hall 6 and the other in Hall 10.2. These two areas are linked by their common theme of individuality.

The desire for individualised design of living spaces is one of the big trends to have been shaping the furniture industry for years. In the search for scope to create individualised designs, the choice of materials for furniture and interiors plays a decisive role today, and will continue to do so in the future.

New materials, machining processes and surfaces are being brought to market within ever shorter development cycles. Alongside their variety, the opportunities to combine these different materials are also growing at an exponential rate, so planners and fabricators gain enormous scope to be creative, which allows them to fulfil the most varied of customer wishes.

The only difficulty is keeping track of it all. This is where the Piazzas in the Materials & Nature segment becomes invaluable with their comprehensive overview of exhibitors’ highlights and coming trends in this segment.