For those who could not manage a visit to Ligna this year, the SCM's June open house is the perfect opportunity to catch up with what the SCM Group is all about

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-The SCM distributor’s network will be at the heart of the organisation of the event, taking advantage of the 1500 sq m show room in Nottingham and introducing customers to the latest products made available by SCM in the first part of 2015:

-Pratix S15 – CNC Machining Centre The perfect machine for those who want to begin machining by nesting. Much reduced overall dimensions make this machining centre the most flexible and compact available on the market.
-TECH Z5 – 5 Axis CNC Router Ideal solution to machine the sectioned panel and equipped with devices allowing solid wood machining as well. Optimised time and resources thanks to the Netline integration.
-Tech Z1 – CNC Machining Centre – The perfect solution for all companies having limited floor space and non-skilled operators in the use of machining centres.
-CYFLEX F900  – The boring machine that carries out all boring operations, grooving and vertical routings. Very high productivity guaranteed, no operator’s intervention for work table tooling.
-Sigma IMPACT 90 – High performance horizontal beam saw. Ideal solution for the advanced woodworker and the small woodworking companies. Single-blade beam saw controlled by PC/PLC control system, designed to cut to size solid wood panels, chipboards, MDF panels, multilayer panels, plywood panels and fiber panels.
-K360 T-ER1 Automatic Edgebander. Versatility and high machining quality with the SCM Olimpic k360, the machine with the aim to be the new reference point in the market for entry level edge banders and complete with a rounding unit. Compact and easy-to-use due to its advanced technological solutions designed to ensure optimal panel finishing. It is simply the perfect edge bander for companies who require continuous and high quality edge banding of panels even though they may be different from one to another.
-K400 ER1 Compact Universal Edgebander. Flexible edge bander which grants customised and high-tech solutions in reduced spaces. High performance with the gluing unit with direct motor power of glue ot and first pressure roller, end cutting unt with pneumatic blade/motor tilting and top&bottom trimming unit with possibility of pneumatic positioning on 2 or 3 working positions (thin-radius-solid wood). Productive with the 13 m/min feed speed. Suitable to apply edges up to 6mm
-K260 EVO Edgebander for small/medium usage with: pre-milling, PLC control, glue pot, end trim saws, flush trimmers, PVC scraper, & buffer. SCM Patented Feed Belt.
-Sandya 900 RRCS 135 – Automatic Wide Belt Sander. Maximum performance for companies increasing production. Designed for the medium to high industrial companies that require diversified machining, Sandya 900satisfies all calibrating and sanding requirements, by offering a wide range of technological solutions allowing the possibility of customising the machines compositions. The availability of offering many types of operating units such as planing units, roller units (with 175, 220, 250 and 320 mm diameters), pad units and superfinishing units guarantees the very best results on solid wood, veneer, laquer and paint operations.
-TF 120 CLASS Electric spindle moulder with fixed vertical spindle, The best solution for every application. Essential and professional in the manual version. Technological devices in the electronic version that guarantee reduced machine set up times, greater safety and ease-of-use.
-Ten 220 Class Tenoner - The exclusive SCM tenoning machine with ISO 40 system which allows very high working speed and precision.
- M80T, Edge trimmer for straight and shaped panels
- S630 Class Thicknessing planer – Easy to use, stylish with practical design and for a wider range of applications
- Profiset 60, the NEW Automatic planer and throughfeed moulder with up to 6 spindles, available in four compositions with possibility to pre-set the profiling on the top horizontal spindle (option)

On the Minimax front, included in the open house event will be:

-F410 Nova Surface Planer Guaranteed quality at your finger tips.
-Perfect surfaces, practical and safe, ergonomics.
-FS41 Elite S Surfacing-Thicknessing machine for a high and flexible production.
-T55W Elite S Spindle Moulder, the right spindle moulder for various types of work, not just joinery thanks to its customization and flexibility
-ME20 Edgebander – for smaller workshops to edgeband with amazing ease& finish quality
-S600 P Band Saw, a high-precision, professional band saw for the professional joinery workshop, education & re-training centres.

For the most demanding customers we will have available to view also larger equipment like:

-Morbidelli Universal TV 3622 the most reliable and productive Work Centre for nesting,
-Accord 20 FX CNC Work Centre, with special set up for door manufacturing.
-Stefani Solution HD-RT4 heavy duty edgebander, a constant guarantee for an outstanding finish.

These larger models offer very advanced technologies to the woodworking industry, where SCM Group represents one of the strongest innovators.

Customers will have the opportunity also to meet some of the SCM-trained technicians that will perform the installations and guarantee the maintenance and support for SCM equipment.

Also available will be the access to the training facilities to view the full spectrum of services provided by SCM Group UK and its distributor network.

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