Visitors planning to attend Homag UK’s Open House, 3rd – 5th November 2015 at Castle Donington are in for a real technological treat.

Over the last 18 months or so, the Homag Group has invested a huge amount of time and resources into developing more automated solutions driven by its own software.

“The aim has been to bring all the various brands within the group together to deliver a more joined up approach for the customer,” explains Simon Brooks, sales & marketing director for Homag UK.
He continues, “The results have been amazing. Now, all Homag machinery can be driven by Homag’s own software and the powerTouch control panel makes it easy for operators to move from one machine to another without having to undertake specific training.

“At our Open House in November, visitors from any size of woodworking producer will be able to experience solutions that up until recently have been beyond their reach. I’m really excited, for example, about the entry-level production cell we’ll be demonstrating.

“Consisting of a Holzma HPP 130 beam saw, the Brandt Highflex 1230 airTec edgebander and the Weeke BHX 050 CNC drilling centre, it offers small producers the opportunity to produce jobs with zero-joint technology at just £12.50 per hour*, so it’s totally affordable for anybody.”

Weeke nesting cell and special limited edition CNC
“On the CNC front, we will have a nesting cell featuring the Weeke Vantage 100. This can take a full size sheet and split it out into small parts, drill it and process it. The cell will include Weeke’s ABD 260, a vertical and horizontal drilling and dowel insertion solution. This will be linked to Vantage 100 so it is a one-man operated cell that improves efficiency and speeds up production.

“The Open House will also see the UK debut of the Weeke Venture 211 Edition. This very special limited edition machine will only be available for a short period of time. It has been packed with a range of technology including LEDs for quick positioning and a big tool changing block for added versatility. As for the price, it offers incredible value for money for those lucky enough to order one whilst it’s available.”

All the latest technology and software from Homag
“We’ll be demonstrating our 5-axis technology from Homag which is run by our own woodWOP 7 software giving the customer a real advantage. On the edgebanding side, the Ambition 2274 is one of the new generation machines from Homag. It offers PUR gluing, automatic tape changing from thin to thick tape, solid wood capability for 20mm and accurate, high-speed throughput at 18 - 25m per minute all controlled from the powerTouch screen.

“The powerTouch screen control concept is being rolled out across the group so that from an operator’s point of view, he has a universal system making it easy for him to go from one machine to the next with only limited training required.”

Holzma’s new Power Concept system
“For customers looking for a more efficient board processing system, Holzma’s Power Concept is a must see. This system enables panels of different sizes to be cut at the same time, thus delivering significant efficiencies to the board conversion process.

“The Power Concept will be demonstrated on the Holzma HPP 300 – a beam saw packed with features. It is easy to operate via the powerTouch screen, very fast and delivers a crisp clean cut every time.”

Nothing compares to a Butfering finish
“Following a massive investment in Butfering’s manufacturing plant, its range of wide belt sanders has hit new heights. The latest SWT 225 CC is a really impressive and extremely versatile machine.

“Complete with touchscreen control, two sanding heads each with calibration rollers, electronic sensing pads and variable cutting speed for the second head, this machine can calibrate, finish sand and lacquer sand (de-nib) at the touch of a button.
“For the smaller facility, the entry level SWT 114 C is ideal for calibrating and finishing sanding. Butfering has packed this gem of a machine with a steel roller, electronic pad, variable feed speed, touch screen control and more. All this technology has been engineered into a very compact footprint and is available at a price that’s hard to beat.”

Something for everyone
“Representing Brandt, we will showcase four edgebanders including the new Highflex 1230 FC with airTec. This must see machine brings invisible joint technology within the reach of smaller businesses.

“We’ll also be demonstrating the Joos Beu 80 carcass press. The Joos range of hydraulic presses stands out as the most reliable and efficient in the industry, which is why Homag UK has been the brand’s official distributor in the United Kingdom and Ireland for almost 25 years.

“As mentioned earlier, the latest software enables companies to use one solution to control all the Homag Group equipment. Visitors to the Open House will be able to test drive the latest versions of solutions such as woodWOP 7, woodCAD|CAM and CADmatic 4, as well as Magicut’s latest optimisation software suite.

“To help customers afford new equipment now, the Homag Finance team will be on hand at the Open House to assist with your investment plans and provide solutions tailored to your specific needs. Cash flow is a vital ingredient for a successful business, but there’s no reason to let it restrict expansion plans,” concludes Simon Brooks.

To reserve a place at the Homag Open House from the 3rd-5th November 2015, please call Adele Hunt on 01332 846424 or download an invitation from the Homag website.

* Costs per hour are from Homag Finance. This is an indication of current rates, which may be subject to change in line with money costs. All quotations are subject to formal credit approval.