“W14 – that’s the machinery show isn’t it?” Now, that’s a question which is heard much less these days – and rarely from anyone who has studied the floor plan for the show this autumn.

It has been six years since Huddlestone acquired the former Woodmex exhibition, combined it with the remnants of the troubled ASFI components show, and began to create an event focused on the needs of visiting manufacturers.

The vision
“Our aim was to build a national show for joinery and furniture manufacturers,” explains John. “This year the range of products on the exhibitor list entirely supports that label. Absolutely everything the manufacturers need to see is at the W14 NEC show.

The target of making a high value day at the show has been achieved. Together with the co-located Timber Expo exhibition and conference series, the 2014 show is set to start your pulse racing and your business on the road to better profits.

“True, machinery still has a major impact on the look and feel of the show. Major brands – very much a who’s who? in the UK machinery market, sit alongside technology and equipment suppliers from around the world.

“The very presence of running machinery is the heartbeat of this show and live demonstrations remain deservedly popular. The sheer value of wandering around the halls, actually seeing machines under power and in their business of production, is clear. The buzz is close to addictive.

“Beyond the metal, however, visitors will see some very different but equally impactful brands. Blum is perhaps one of the most logical companies returning to a UK manufacturing show, but their innovative design-led products sit alongside other component and materials leaders.

“To see such names as Salice, David Clouting and BA Components on the exhibitor list flags up the sort of quality you can expect to see across the three NEC halls.”

No boundaries
“The decision to mix technology and materials in most of the floor area has proved to be as popular as it is bold. We realised that, increasingly, machinery materials and components suppliers are working in co-operative arrangements and that many of the old product divisions have been broken down.

“The growing influence of smaller, fast moving, design-led manufacturers has done much to create this movement and it is essential that the exhibition reflects the industry in this respect.

“The combination of the right exhibitors and a high profile slot in a major venue are important factors in exciting manufacturers of all sizes. We then looked hard at the value of the exhibition to the visitor … and ultimately it’s the visitors’ needs we must meet, above all others.

“There is no doubt that, in some form, most visiting manufacturers are looking to increase their margins and grow business by differentiating their product. The common thread is obvious. Everyone is concerned with making the difference, adding the value and reaping the rewards. W14 has been designed to help manufacturers do just that.

Face to face in the UK
“The job of any exhibition is to continue to develop with the needs of the industry. The major European exhibitions, for example in Germany and Italy, have undeniably important parts to play on the world stage. Equally, there is clearly a strong value to a UK national exhibition, encompassing the needs of UK manufacturers. Why should you be expected to travel to Hannover, Cologne or Milan to find people to supply you, for your business, right here in the UK?

“The exhibitors at W14 display their desire to show you what they have – in the most convenient way for you. They are keen to meet you, face to face, and confident enough that their products will stand direct comparison on the exhibition floor. That’s another major advantage of trade exhibitions – they self-select the suppliers most anxious and most able to meet what you need.

So, although we love the commitment of our superb array of exhibitors, W14 was built for you – the UK manufacturer as you seek growth again in the recovery.

Come and see what your national exhibition has to offer. Then why not let me know what you think – john@huddlestone.co.uk