What’s so special about SuperPan?
SuperPan’s key feature is that it’s pressed as a single panel with integral layers of MDF fibres on the surface and a chipboard centre. It’s a truly unique product that bridges the gap between chipboard and MDF – it basically cuts like MDF, minimising break-out or chip-out, but it’s priced like melamine-faced chipboard, which gives customers enormous benefits. Put simply, SuperPan offers superior machining, finishing and cost-saving benefits.

Why did you want to secure the exclusive deal?
We believe that SuperpanDecor is the best-in-class range for furniture manufacturing and shopfitting – literally a cut above the rest. So we were very keen to secure exclusivity because we recognise the huge potential of the range in these sectors. We are going to offer a more extensive range with greater availability. It’s a win-win situation for IDS, Finsa, and for our customers.

What SuperPan products are IDS offering as part of the distribution partnership?
Combining the wealth of market knowledge experience of both Finsa and IDS, we have put together a much bigger ex-stock range than has been previously available in the UK. It encompasses the needs of the UK furniture and shopfitting markets, reflecting commercial bestsellers and the latest design trends.

We have selected a range of 40 SuperPan decors. There are seven plain colours, 14 woodgrains, five fantasy designs, nine glossies and four in-line registered embossed woodgrains, called Jazz. Customers get the benefit of much more choice, but the right choice.

What sizes are available? 
All decors will be held ex-stock in the standard panel size of 2750 x 2100 x 18mm, which reflects the majority of UK manufacturing needs. However we are also able to offer any decor from Finsa’s portfolio bespoke to a customer’s requirement. For example, we are about to provide one customer with a specific size panel made to order that will significantly reduce his wastage during manufacturing, and in doing so save him money and reduce the amount of product going to landfill.

How will furniture manufacturers benefit from the deal?
Customers can now have greater access to this advanced substrate, and using it will repay them with many benefits including machining ease, performance, quality and cost saving. Through securing this deal, we have significantly increased the choice and availability of the SuperpanDecor range, and that can only be good news for existing customers, as well as those we are aiming to secure.

Why do you think Finsa chose IDS as its exclusive distribution partner?
IDS is the UK’s largest distributor of decorative surfaces, and Finsa recognised our ability to take the product truly national for them. This is something they never had before. We have 13 branches nationwide with the ability to deliver on a just-in-time basis according to a manufacturer’s production schedules.

We have a pedigree of working with leading brands and we are respected as a major supplier to the furniture and shopfitting sectors, so we have the expertise to supply to customers large and small, regional or national.

Will you offer real ex-stock delivery?
Yes we will – anywhere across the UK in 24-48 hours from order. We have made a significant investment in new racking at Ely and Blackburn to hold bulk stock of the range. This will guarantee the depth and breadth of the range and the ability to be responsive to customer needs.

We also have a dynamic and highly-experienced sales and support team that are available to help and advise customers on SuperPan products.

Why would anyone consider switching to Superpan?
One of the biggest quality control complaints is about chipping out, and this is due to impurities in the board. Superpan has a patented manufacture and is totally unique. The top and bottom layer of the board is made from MDF and therefore totally smooth. A Superpan board only needs cutting once and doesn’t need a second pass for smoothing off like other products. This reduces wastage and increases productivity.

It means manufacturers can run their machines more quickly – the MDF surface gives a better screw hold and better bending strength compared to standard chipboard. Customer feedback to the product is very generous about its praise for improved productivity and quality control.