The newly launched EGGER Worktop Collection 24+ has been meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of designers, architects, and fabricators, offering a versatile range of high-quality worktops that cater to an array of design preferences. We asked Aimee Fletcher, Product and Design Manager at EGGER UK, what we should know about the range.

Can you give us an overview of the new EGGER Worktop Collection 24+?

Developed as part of the International EGGER Decorative Collection 24+, the range comprises 39 carefully chosen decors, in two thicknesses and two profiles. Reproductions in 25 and 38 mm include oak, marble, stone and granite, offering a low maintenance, cost-effective alternative to solid surfaces. The range focuses on authentic decors and textures that offer affordable alternatives to real materials, but with all the added benefits of laminate. 

Tell us a bit about the different thicknesses and formats offered within the range

The popular and versatile 38mm Postformed range features a selection of 23 decors in woodgrain and material decors. For a touch of sophistication, we offer four Feelwood oak decors in a 38mm Square Edged profile and twelve material reproductions in a 25mm Square Edged profile. 

As a stylish alternative to tiling, matching upstands and splashbacks are available for all decors, creating a coordinated finish that is easy to maintain.  

Additionally, matching edging is available for all decors, with 15 worktops featuring matching 18mm Eurodekor Faced Chipboard readily available from UK stock, suitable for door frontals and carcasses. 

We also offer a 10-year guarantee for all worktops, ensuring they are not only stylish and functional, but also built to last. Simply use an EGGERSeal Adhesive, in conjunction with the EGGER Fitting Guide, provided in the Installation Kit.

What are some of the key trends behind the EGGER Worktop Collection 24+

One prominent trend is natural-inspired designs. We understand the enduring appeal of organic textures and earthy tones, which is why our collection showcases a range of stunning woodgrains and stone-inspired decors. The collection features decors developed with our brand new ST76 plate, which provides a finish almost indistinguishable from real stone, but without the hefty price tag. 

Are EGGER worktops restricted to being used in a kitchen?

Absolutely not! EGGER worktops are designed to be versatile and can be used in various settings beyond just the kitchen. Our worktops are suitable for bathrooms, offices, retail spaces, and more, offering a stylish and practical solution for a wide range of interior design needs.  

What can you tell us about the development process for the new worktops? How long have they been in development?

We are constantly looking at global trends to ensure we have the right decors. Our Decor Managers in each region research what is needed for their market, and my job is to look at what the UK and Ireland markets are really looking for. Development is constant – with a rolling product collection which is updated every two years, we can adapt to trends much faster and have the right products when the market needs them. 

How does the new collection prioritise sustainability?

Customers are more focused than ever on their environmental impact. For retailers and manufacturers, it is important to be one-step ahead by having products available that benefit the environment without compromising on design. As part of EGGER’s commitment to the environment, all worktops are PEFC certified, made using renewable material and are recyclable following use.

Finally, how does the new collection support retailers? What sets it apart in this way from other products on the market?

The new range goes above and beyond to support retailers, ensuring a seamless experience and providing them with a competitive edge in the market. 

We provide comprehensive marketing materials and display support to retailers, equipping them with the necessary tools to showcase the Worktop Collection effectively. From eye-catching point-of-sale materials to engaging digital assets such as our Worktop Visualiser, which allows customers to compare decors side by side and in real applications. Whether it’s product information, training, or technical advice, we ensure that retailers have the support they need to confidently promote and sell the range.