Could you provide a brief overview of the business as a whole?

Nine Zero is a manufacturer of bespoke timber windows and doors. The business was born in 2017, merging 30 years of business and joinery experience at just the right time. Our roots stem back to 2005 when our sister company launched a window and door business, choosing products specifically suited to London properties. We gained extensive knowledge through development and market research, which led us to manufacturing. 

At first, we researched overseas, as was common in the industry, but soon realised the logistical challenges of a long supply chain. This brought us back to the UK, where Cornwall stood out as a growth hub for construction. Our mission was, and is, to surpass the standards of overseas mass production, often plagued by quality and time management issues. We’ve made significant investments, resulting in major growth and advancements – like our 6,000 sq/ft workshop in Cornwall and cutting-edge digital systems.

Could you tell me a little more about the sustainable initiatives the company has adopted, please?

At Nine Zero, sustainability is key in everything we do, especially in how we manufacture our sustainable timber windows and doors. By using FSC-certified suppliers, we are supporting global forestry conservation efforts, and ensuring our customers receive products made from materials that are as eco-friendly as they are exquisite. We also recycle timber waste, provide renewable energy to local homes, plant a tree for every order we take, and partner with Pozitive Energy for green electricity. 

We repurpose leftover timber for animal bedding and composting, helping local farms and reducing landfill waste. The energy we generate from recyclable materials is converted into renewable power for local homes, promoting a greener community. We work with a company called More Trees to plant a tree for every order we take. As an example, last month this equated to 165 trees being planted in Rwanda. We also use Pozitive Energy to ensure our operations use electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind. 

What are you noticing in terms of your customers’ awareness/attitude to sustainability, and how have customers responded to the sustainable measures you’ve put into place?

The industry shift towards eco-friendly and sustainable building materials has never had so much momentum. With the uncertainty around Building Regulations, we have seen within the window and door industry this year, it has become critical for installers to understand the environmental implications of the materials they are using – as more and more of their business depends on it.

Regardless of where legislation takes us, we know that homeowner demand for sustainability is only getting stronger. In fact, a study by Ovo Energy earlier this year revealed 83% of active British homebuyers are seeking properties with energy-efficient upgrades, reduced carbon emissions, and high EPC ratings. 

What do you feel are the main challenges you and the wider timber industry face in terms of meeting your sustainability targets?

We’re still in the education phase for timber products. While awareness has grown, more needs to be said about its sustainability and insulation benefits. Timber absorbs CO2 during growth and, when harvested responsibly, has a sustainable life cycle. It’s also energy-efficient, reducing consumption and costs. There’s a misconception about the costs associated with timber on the whole. Timber windows and doors, when considering their whole life cost, are 14-25% more cost-effective than other materials. Though initial outlay may be higher, construction with timber is quicker and easier, lowering labour costs. Plus, timber requires less maintenance and is more energy-efficient, saving money on repairs and energy bills over time.

What are Nine Zero’s plans for the future with regard to sustainability?

We want to keep the sustainability conversation alive by educating and supporting our trade customers to feel confident in selling timber windows and doors, and meet the demand we know is going nowhere but up.

We’re passionate about preserving London’s traditional heritage homes, and our experience means we join the dots between maintaining heritage, ensuring quality craftsmanship and providing sustainable, high-performance timber products using cutting-edge CNC technology.