SCM Group is taking the opportunity to show its latest machinery innovations at the W14 Exhibition, NEC, 5-8th October, taking a much larger space than it occupied at W12.

Covering an area of 624 sq m with four adjoining stands, new machines from the classical machine range, SCM’s Premium Division and Industrial, Housing and Furniture Divisions will all be running to demonstrate to visitors the latest developments that have recently taken place by the SCM Group within their manufacturing facilities in Italy.

An Accord 20FX CNC machining centre for the production of windows, doors, stairs, solid wood parts and for all those processes that require high level machining, while maintaining high standard in terms of precision and finish quality, will be demonstrating the machining of four-piece pre-finished window components at W14 and the easy setting of the bars and pods on the worktable.

SCM will be exhibiting for the first time, one of its latest edgebanders, the K560, a compact and productive machine that has been designed to operate for long production periods per day with an 18m/min feed speed.

SCM says it is the perfect solution for all companies that require high productivity when edgebanding a large number of different panels at the same time. A model K560 TER2, complete with infeed planing heads and corner rounding will be applying many types of edging materials including 2/3mm ABS.

For drilling panels, with additional grooving and routing facilities, a Cyflex F900 PRO BR will be demonstrating the ease of setting up and machining of panels, for example, the production of carcasses for kitchens, bedrooms, offices, etc.

It is productive and versatile due to the worktable that does not require any adjustment between different panel configurations. The high capacity boring head, with 18 vertical and horizontal spindles and the possibility of performing routing, with a 5.5kW, 18,000rpm head, plus grooving operations, ensures the Cyflex is becoming a very popular machine, and being vertical in design, takes up a very small production area.

For planing and moulding, the latest SCM model Profiset 60 planer moulder is designed to be very sturdy with four, five or six spindles, with a universal spindle available at the outfeed with 240mm capacity.

The new feed system using Cardan joints and gearboxes is the technological heart of this machine providing higher productivity and a better finish to the machined timber.

Features include pneumatic pressure on the 120mm diameter feed rollers and the inverter for continuous speed control guaranteeing a powerful, efficient and linear feeding of timber.

Equipped with a pre-straightening system through the reference engraver placed on the inferior planer spindle, it also has a 2000mm infeed table length. Perfect feeding due to the manual pump for table lubrication and to the inferior idle roller placed on the outfeed table, all as standard features.

From the Classical SCM range, an SI 5, one of the SCM Group's new range of L’Invincible sliding table panel saws, that can be customised to each customers’ exact requirements and include a number of programming and electronic features, will be on display.

The sliding carriage provides a maximum quality of cut, guaranteed for 10 years from day of delivery. The carriage will never require adjustment and due to the structure with arch-ground steel slideways – an SCM exclusive and patented design – the company says it can bear loads four times higher than other saws.

The horizontal positioning of the guides ensures protection from dust therefore improving the sliding motion of the carriage.

A T120 class spindle moulder will be displayed to show the precision and reliability with the technological devices that guarantee reduced machine set-up times, greater safety and ease of use.

The operator easily adjusts all movements due to a hand wheel with mechanical decimal readouts located on the front of the machine.

Tilting of the spindle is +/- 45° and a table of 1200 x 810mm gives maximum support when machining. A Ten 220 Class Tenoner, the exclusive SCM tenoning machine with ISO 40 tool changing system, allows very high working rapidity and precision. A few seconds to change the tool due to the interchangeable spindle with a rapid taper gives a 50% saving in time. The new two workpieces machining device allows the simultaneous processing of the two tenons.