Top fittings manufacturer, Blum, has implemented a new technical support hotline with extended hours for fitters, designers and manufacturers. The new hotline will offer support from 8am–8pm, Monday-Friday, and 8am-noon on Saturdays.

Blum realises that a strict 9am–5pm contact availability is no longer adequate for today’s working environment and, with the new hotline, have proved that they are once again at the forefront of service to industry, exceeding expectations.

The decision follows the results of a widely-circulated questionnaire asking if out of hours support would be useful. 75% percent of respondents said “yes”.

Blum UK ales and marketing director, David Sanders, says: “We realise that in today’s busy world, normal business hours no longer apply…and this is true of the KBB industry as any other. The most used service in our business is technical support so we are now meeting the demands of our customers by extending the hours that this service is available.”

The hotline number is 0800 230 0898.