Smartfoil Evo determined Schattdecor’s showing at this year’s iteration of the Arena Design event in Poznan, Poland, where the company placed its newly-developed foil surface on show in the form of a large Dibond panel in Columbia Walnut.

The product’s highly realistic wooden look, achieved with gloss/matt effects synchronous to the print pattern, and its distinctly improved surface resistances, won it the jury’s vote in the semi-finished products, materials and components category.

Twenty projects considered the best of all those entered were placed on show in the design event’s Top Design thematic zone. The Top Design award won by Schattdecor this year is its third to date. 

Decors by Schattdecor played a decisive design role in the Polish House, a project staged by Poznan Art Academy as part of its Educational Design Programme, with Sonoma Oak featuring in a kitchen design and Canyon White Pine and Coimbra finding use in a kitchen for a holiday apartment and in the design for a ‘young’ kitchen.  

Taking place for the sixth time, the Arena Design event with its focus on the Polish market, attracted over 20,000 visitors this year and is regarded as an international meet-up point and information platform for architects and designers. Design and materials were the subject of specialist lectures held at the design event. 

Claudia Küchen, head of design at Schattdecor: “These days it is a question of offering very high quality at a reasonable price. Our Smartfoil Evo – a foil surface hard to distinguish from real wood veneer – enables many people all over the world to be pleased with the look of their furniture. And this makes us very proud.” 

Klaus Müller, head of foil sales Schattdecor: “As the award corroborates in a very nice way, Smartfoil EVO enables us to provide a perfect answer to market demands for furniture surfaces that feature enhanced tactile and visual qualities for a highly natural effect.”

Ralf Peschel, head of research and development at Schattdecor: “One of our aims in developing Smartfoil Evo was to create a new foil 270mm wide and offering a perfect gloss/matt look, a natural-seeming haptic feel and highly improved surface resistances. We are very satisfied with what we have achieved.”