Focusing on continuous product development enabling customers to benefit from high service levels that lead to efficiencies and business growth lies at the heart of the business ethos of leading abrasive manufacturer, Mirka.

One of its latest innovations is a new App called Express Value Access (EVA), which is being launched initially into the industrial market. This online ordering device enables distributors to work effectively with customers to choose the type of surface sanding options from coarse, medium and fine in the form required including discs, sheets, triangles and wide belts. The distributor then has all the details for an order to be placed.

One company that is already using EVA – with strong initial results – is Isaac Lord, based in High Wycombe. Area sales manager, Lee Clark, explains: “The EVA enables us to provide a price there and then, either on the phone or face to face, rather than customers having to wait 24 hours, so the uptake on orders is much quicker and the whole process is more slick and professional.

“Mirka products are just part of our total 27,000 stock items so it has definitely raised the profile of the product range, especially its wide belts, and enabled orders on products to be secured instantaneously. In fact, I’ve sold more Mirka products in the last three months since I’ve been working with the EVA than in the whole of last year. I wish every supplier had one!”