The move sees more than 40 staff working in an integrated environment dealing with the £120m sales the UK and Ireland generates.

Simon Henry, managing director, says: “The new 500m2 all-on-one-floor layout and networked IT infrastructure will streamline process management, improve communications and support plans for further growth. At the same time, we are taking the opportunity of significantly improving the facilities for staff welfare and creating a much more modern workplace.”

Comments sales director, Jeremy English: “This is an inspirational moment: a world-class business facility that will allow us to respond even more quickly, efficiently and competitively to the UK’s growing timber needs, and in particular to the demand for quality planed structural timber and engineered wood for the roof truss and timber framed manufacturing sectors and the merchant market.”

Jörgen Lindquist is president of the Södra Wood business and visited Cirencester for the opening of the new offices: “The UK is our biggest market and our team is second to none for service, knowledge and support. It is fantastic to see the complete supply chain flourish from planting to finished timber, delivered to customers across the United Kingdom and Ireland.”