Kite Packaging’s challenge to reduce plastic usage by 120 tonnes is supported by its plastic-focused white paper and mobile packaging test facility

UK-based company, Kite Packaging, has launched its sustainable future plastics initiative to reduce plastic levels with the unveiling of its new mobile packaging test facility and the release of its white paper.

With the increasing focus on plastics and the harmful impact on the environment, businesses and consumers across the country are searching for viable solutions to build a sustainable, circular economy. 

When it comes to the environment, it is particularly difficult to change consumers’ behaviour. In order to help raise awareness across the UK, the Kite team has challenged itself, and its customers, to reduce plastic usage by a huge 120 tonnes by the end of 2019.

Kite’s white paper provides businesses and consumers with an essential guide to plastic packaging and offers new alternatives to help people across the country in building a circular economy.

Inside the truck

The Kite team’s new, fully equipped truck is a mobile testing and demonstration facility in which its packaging technologists can carry out waste minimising packaging audits to determine how plastic packaging can be reduced, as well as offering more eco-friendly packing alternatives.

The employee-owned business announced the challenge earlier this month when the team held a plastic packaging conference in the Midlands, at which it launched both the truck and its plastics white paper. 

For a multitude of businesses, packaging is a substantial part of their day-to-day operation, but often companies are using excess amounts of plastics and are not looking for eco-friendly alternatives. 

Kite can help businesses explore a range of alternatives to traditional plastic based packaging. Its mobile testing facility enables the scientific analysis and testing of current packing operation whilst incorporating a full suite of alternative packaging systems and solutions. Gavin Ashe, managing partner at Kite Packaging, says: “Everyone in business is fantastically busy, focusing on running their business and packaging often ends up an afterthought. So we have invested in our mobile test facility to take the solutions directly to the customer, where we can demonstrate, design and even test solutions at the customer’s factory, saving everyone time and money. 

“We really are a packaging company who want you to use less packaging. Join us in saving 120 tonnes of packaging waste this year.”

For further information on how to reduce plastics use, view Kite’s white paper: