New look, latest machinery, same first class quality and service

There are very few woodworking machinery brands that have developed technically advanced machinery and software that can cater for the entire spectrum of the industry’s manufacturers. Homag is not just one of these companies; it is the undisputed world leader. It offers a complete range of equipment that helps drive businesses from small start-up joiners to industrial producers.

The last few years in particular, have seen the company not only make huge strides in developing new solutions, but it has also launched a completely fresh corporate identity. This will be fully evident at this spring’s Open House being held at Homag UK’s renowned Castle Donington showroom from 12th-14th March. 

 “It’s been an incredible few years,” explains Simon Brooks who took over as managing director just over 12 months ago. “The restructuring of all aspects of the business has really streamlined the manufacturing. It has also led to even more resources being put behind research and development which is great news for our customers here in the UK.

“For the first Open House of 2019 we have a feast of equipment, software and finance solutions for entry level customers right up to our large industrial partners. There really is something for everyone and I’m looking forward to personally welcoming visitors this March.”

Edegteq S-300 – perfect edges for small to mid-sized businesses

Getting the edge 

An impressive seven edge banding models will be on show at Homag’s Open House, ranging from the compact Edgeteq T-200 up to the 2 m/min Edgeteq S-500 with three gluing options – EVA, PUR and airTec zero joint technology.Other edge banders being showcased include the Edgeteq S-200, S-300, S-380 and the S-390. The S-200 and S-300 models are ideal machines for the smaller-to mid-sized businesses looking for perfect edges and production flexibility. These machines are characterised by their comprehensive equipment specification that comes as standard.  

For the mid- to larger-sized manufacturers the Edgeteq S-380 and S-390 offer a powerful solution delivering 8-20m/min feed speeds. These high-performance units offer precise gluing and perfect post-processing of edges even at high feed speeds.

From drilling to nesting – Homag’s powerful CNC range

When it comes to small footprint CNC drilling options, Homag’s powerful Drillteq V-200, V-500 and D-500 lead the field. All three will be in operation at the Open House in March, providing visitors with the opportunity to experience first-hand these popular machines.

This year sees the Drillteq V-200 – previously known as the BHX 055 – celebrate its 10th birthday. Since its debut, the success of this machine speaks volumes. With a footprint of just 5m2 it is particularly well-suited to just-in-time production for SMEs and for custom production in large manufacturers.

If you’re looking to see a drilling and dowelling machine in action, then a visit to Homag’s spring Open House is a must. The Drillteq D-500 is a high performance individual machine or a complementary product linked with a CNC processing centre. It produces accurate drill holes and precise positioning of dowels and allows vertical drilling in the border area, ideal for connection fittings or hinge drill holes.

When it comes to CNC machining centres, Homag offers advanced technology for everything from the production of furniture and components to the processing of solid wood and plastics. On show at the Open House will be three, four and five-axis models for increased efficiency and productivity.

Centateq N-500 – optimised cutting and dividing of materials

The Centateq P-110 is a versatile, high performance machine designed for small and medium-sized carpentry and joinery companies. The P-110 has a compact footprint and includes three, four and axis-axis solutions for kitchen, office and solid wood furniture manufacturing.

The Centateq E-310 takes performance to another level with all the essential functions in view and mounted directly on the machine. Activation of stops, output stroke rails and vacuum clamping is quick and easy using the new switch bar, so there’s no more searching for the foot switch.

From high-speed drilling and routing to sawing and edge banding for curved parts, the E-310 can do it all with ease and high precision. Available in four and five-axis configurations, it can be specified with a K-table (when flexibility, secure clamping of very different parts and fast exchange of the clamping systems are required) or an A-table (the key to greater convenience and automation, it enables batch size one operation without manual intervention).

On the nesting front, Homag’s Centateq N-500 processing centre offers a compact gantry design for the highest precision over the total working width. The machine enables optimised cutting and dividing of plate-shaped materials for products such as carcass furniture, furniture fronts and frame furniture.

Surface finishing

Surface finishing equipment enables companies to offer versatility in their product range and there’ll be a couple of star attractions in action at the Open House. Designed with small and medium-sized woodworking manufacturers in mind, the Sandteq W-200 offers high performance levels and versatility in the processing of kitchen, office and solid wood furniture. 

Sandteq W-200 – high level processing performance

There’s a choice of three sanding units so you can achieve the specific results you need, from calibration and fine sanding of solid wood/wooden materials to veneer sanding, lacquered surfaces and paint/filler sanding.

Homag’s SPRAYTEQ S-100 provides automated spray finishing to a very high quality with water and solvent-based coatings. This compact, space-saving machine is highly efficient with exact control of the spray guns and therefore optimum paint saving. 

The SPRAYTEQ S-100 offers value for money and low operating costs. This, combined with the achievable production volumes, means that small and medium-sized companies looking for an effective solution for a high-quality spray application process should visit the Open House for a demonstration of this machine. 

Carcass assembly

For shopfitters and carcass furniture makers a reliable case clamp is essential and the Cabteq S-250 will be on live demonstration at the Open House this March. One of the key benefits of this machine is its simple operation; it doesn’t require any prior knowledge. Just place the carcass into the clamp and press the start button. 

The pressing surfaces have tolerance compensation. The lamellas work as a unit; they are placed on rubbers and suspended. This means pressure is very evenly distributed due to the fact that the pressing lamellas simultaneously impinge on the carcass to give a tight, true carcass.

Panel dividing saws

Homag has a broad range of panel dividing saws for trade and industry, but at the Open House it will be showcasing its Sawteq B-300 model. Ready for networked production this panel dividing saw is suitable for producing in batch size one as well as in smaller series.

Sawteq B-300 – networked production for batch size 1 and smaller series

The B-300 can be specified as a single saw fed manually from the front or with built-in lifting table for additional automatic feeding from the rear of the saw. Additionally, there is the angular saw version enabling you to select the right version of the Sawteq B-300 to meet your requirements precisely. 

In addition to the broad basic configuration, a wide range of optional features allow the matching of the B-300 to specific processes and tasks. For added efficiency, this compact saw can easily be connected to Homag’s automatic horizontal storage systems.

Visitors to Homag’s Open House will be able to see the Sawteq B-300 in action with intelliGuide professional. The intelligent machine operator assistance system provides LED light guidance to instruct the operator through the machining process.  

Simple to use software and operating systems

The range of Homag software is comprehensive. It includes online sales tools for direct marketing, order processing and design, programming and data generation, and production planning and control.

Live demonstrations at the Open House will guide visitors through the advantages and benefits of popular software solutions including woodWOP 7.1, CAM plugin, woodCAD|CAM 2018 and MagiCut optimisation. 

Live demonstrations of Homag’s software packages will be available at the Open House

In terms of operating systems, Homag’s latest powerTouch system is not only simple and easy to use, it also offers a host of benefits. It enables operation of a whole system with multiple machines using a single, standardised control system.

PowerTouch eliminates interface issues within a plant; it reduces the training time required for new employees, and enables the direct generation of key performance figures for a particular machine directly from the controller.

If all this technology is not enough, the Homag specialists will run through the benefits of tapio – Homag’s open eco system for the woodworking industry. So if you’re not quite sure what that’s all about, the Open House is a ‘must’ for you and your business.

Talk to the experts

Simon Brooks continues: “Whether you’re a new venture starting out or a seasoned industrial producer, there is so much to see and learn at our Open House this March. What’s more, our Homag Finance team will be on hand to provide you with tailored financing advice and solutions that will enable you to steal a march on your competitors straight away.

“So, if you’d like to take advantage of all the live demonstrations and experts on hand to help at the Open House, we’d recommend booking a slot to avoid disappointment. Just contact Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856424 or email