After the success obtained in the laboratories of all the most important international paint manufacturers, Giardina Group is set to present the first GST ZeroGloss dryer, ready to enter the most severe production processes.

Thanks to the Excimer technology, Giardina says it is possible to obtain super matt surfaces, a much higher chemical and mechanical resistance, a perfect adhesion of the varnishing product to the support, and the maximum ease in cleaning operations on any type of surface.

Giardina's new GST ZeroGloss dryer will be presented at Ligna

In recent years, matt finishes are becoming highly successful, but the traditional systems to obtain them, or the use of silica particles, made the final result particularly sensitive to scratches, abrasions, shocks, and a fragility directly proportional to the amount of matt product present in the paint. 

The Excimer technology makes it possible to solve this long-standing problem – thanks to paints with special characteristics and to the use of special lamps that act in a nitrogen-rich environment, the surface structure can be reticulated to obtain a zero gloss surface, resistant, without damages to the support. 

Giardina cites its many advantages: an extremely matt surface (from 1.5 to 5 gloss), a softness to the touch, an increase in abrasion resistance up to five times that obtained with traditional painting systems, a higher chemical resistance, an anti-fingerprint surface, resistance to yellowing, and a possibility to obtain surfaces with a smooth and uniform three-dimensional effect.

Advantages involve the production of furniture, kitchens and floors in general but also different materials, including building components, cement, fibre cement, glass, plastics or composites and metal.