In hall 11 at the Ligna trade show, Kündig had on display its latest innovations in both wide-belt and edge-sanding technology along with a series of special machines from its Technic series.

Shown for the first time was the five-piece door machine which has proven to be especially popular in the North American and Canadian markets where solid wood kitchen doors are still the must-have item when it comes to replacing a kitchen.

This machine has two calibration rollers to flatten the joints followed by a third finishing pad using a higher-grade abrasive. The fourth station is the carousel brush unit that not only moves left to right but also oscillates to give a more intense sanding to remove any cross-grain scratch marks naturally left by the previous abrasive. 

This system generates a random style finish whilst also braking or softening the edges. This same machine is suitable for sanding both prior to applying a base coat and as an intermediary sander after applying the base coat.

On display was a sanding machine ordered by one of the world’s best-known furniture producers. This was a bespoke machine designed for sanding thin materials. Known as a Technic Botop the machine sands both top and bottom sides in one pass and uses the renowned Brilliant heads giving a shear cutting action to ensure a higher quality, flatter finish.

Also shown for the first time was an example of the Industry 4.0 machines where information regarding the processing of parts can be directly fed back to the production team either directly to its PC or via an app. This gives information to parts sanded and also details of the condition of the abrasive and how the machine has been used and how much each part of the abrasive has been consumed.

The Kündig Flash was also displayed for the first time. Kündig has been at the forefront when it comes to high gloss surfaces which can be generated with ease and efficiency thanks to the technological know-how installed in each machine. However, as any manufacturer will know the sanding of the edges can be a long and laborious process, taking time and expertise so as not to damage the vulnerable front and back edge by rounding. This is the function of the new Kündig Flash which has an action-controlled sanding pad and makes the edge sanding of primed or lacquered edges a through-feed operation.

For further information about the Kündig range of wide-belt or edge-sanding machines contact Kündig Ltd. 

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