Kite Packaging’s Midlands regional distribution centre visited Pacwolf’s sites with Kite’s mobile test facility, the first of its kind in the UK. 

Pacwolf, part of the C S Ellis Group, invited the Kite team onsite for two days, also inviting some of its own customers and suppliers to the event in order to explore the packaging solutions on board Kite’s mobile test facility. 

The visit was deemed a great success with the Kite and Pacwolf teams delving into the capabilities of a range of packaging solutions that accommodate efficient pick and pack operations. 

The Kite facility has a range of packroom equipment on board including a low profile pallet wrap machine, Sprick paper systems, Kite’s 5x5 system, air cushioning and an overhead delivery system, allowing Kite’s team to find the most effective bespoke solutions for Pacwolf and the other businesses which attended, accommodating their ideal requirements.  

Kite Packaging’s mobile test facility was launched in September last year in conjunction with the company announcing its 2019 challenge aimed at reducing its and its customers’ plastic usage by 120 tonnes. In the last six months, the UK packaging distributor, and its customers, have saved a massive 102 tonnes, keeping the business on track to exceeding its 2019 target.  

Pacwolf’s waste recycling company, Baker Waste, and a local chamber of commerce representative also attended the two day event to see the exciting potential of what’s to come in terms of eco-friendly packaging solutions.  

Managing partner of Kite Packaging’s Midlands regional distribution centre, Justin Filby says: “A fantastic two days were had when we took the Kite mobile test facility to the Pacwolf site. Everyone really embraced the MTF and Pacwolf used it as a platform to impress their customers and suppliers. 

“Over the two days we visited two of the Pacwolf sites and six of Pacwolf’s customers attended. It really became an active workshop with Kite working with Pacwolf and their clients to develop and design environmentally-conscious, protective packaging solutions. It was great to see all parties working together, focusing on developing such environmentally-favourable packaging solutions and our customer benefiting from Kite’s unique facility and in house expertise.”