Schelling showed at Ligna 2019 how it has revised the circular concept of the LS1 panel-cutting cell for batch-size-1 production. The new compact circular work-cell concept integrates new and impressive innovations into one overall solution that is highly attractive from both a technological and economic point of view. 

The main benefits of the new system are leaner processes and reduced floor space requirements. Moreover, an electrically actuated pressure beam reduces cycle times and allows for a constant takt time and a significantly lower energy consumption.

The new circular work cell concept allows for a continuous material flow, permanent utilisation of the saw, and uninterrupted output. Depending on the downstream operations, all parts are automatically aligned and singulated before each longitudinal cut and transverse cut.

The feeder and outfeed of the cell can be exactly adapted to individual requirements. This means stand-alone solutions with manual take-out as well as full integration into the production line, with or without link to panel storage system, are feasible.

Along with the LS1 panel saw, Schelling showed off its impressive VS Area Storage System. The VS System substantially increases the utilisation rate of panel saws, simultaneously saving both time and expensive storage space. This is guaranteed by features such as a fully mechanised and automated storage system, with stack heights of more than 2000mm, and a horizontal carriage with double scissor lift stroke.

Also shown on the Schelling stand was a revolutionary double level storage concept, which opens up a new way of thinking about space saving, as machinery can now be situated underneath the material storage, meaning floor space is no longer an issue to increase your capabilities. 

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