Following the COVID-19 lockdown period, production facilities are keen to make up for lost time while still adhering to strict guidelines. With social distancing and safeguarding enforcement likely to change the workplace for some time yet, manufacturers need to re-think production processes without adversely affecting productivity.  

Simon Brooks, managing director at Homag UK comments: “The COVID-19 pandemic has presented massive challenges for businesses worldwide. As we move cautiously towards re-starting the economy there is an ever-present responsibility to protect your personnel. Over the years, Homag has invested heavily in producing automated woodworking technology which frees up operators whilst maintaining production levels. 

“The Homag range offers machinery options for a wide variety of tasks that improve manufacturing efficiencies. The majority of these have been designed to enable single-handed operation, making them ideal for meeting social distancing guidelines. With such solutions, manufacturers can maintain production levels whilst safeguarding personnel.”  

Edge banding with automated return systems

As a pioneer in edge banding technology, Homag has produced a range of edge banders that deliver first-class results when processing a variety of types and shapes of wood.  When coupled with Homag’s LOOPTEQ return systems, the edge banders create an edge banding cell.

Homag's Loopteq return systems turn edge banders into automated cells for one-man operation

The Loopteq return systems turn edge banding systems into a one-man operation by reducing the need for manual handling. Whether it is for batch size 1 or serial production, the Loopteq speeds up production with its automated workpiece return. 

Fast processing with Sawteq flexTec panel dividing saws

Reaching volumes of 800-1500 parts per shift, the Sawteq flexTec panel dividing saws are revolutionary cutting cells. They can be combined with a robotic arm for the automated handling of materials. 

Utilising its unique automatic mode, the robotic arm allows the saw to continue production unmanned. The availability of automated feeding and de-stacking options further enhance production efficiency. 

Homag Storeteq – automated storage systems

Homag’s automated horizontal storage systems maximise stock usage, eliminate the manual handling of heavy panels and increase productivity. The Storeteq storage systems not only optimise storage layout but also calculate the most efficient way to store panels for faster retrieval and space-saving. 

Additionally, as Storeteq systems eliminate the need for the manual handling of boards by delivering them direct to a machine, it only requires one individual to operate each machine.    

Feedbot – robotic handling of workpieces 

Homag’s Feedbot automates the handling of workpieces whilst using CNC processing centres. With high repetition accuracy, Feedbots are an ideal solution for reducing the number of operators needed during CNC processing. The Feedbot is a cost-effective way of handling fast workpiece changes as well as loading and unloading workpieces to reduce downtime. 

Transbot – automated guided vehicles from Homag

To further support social distancing within manufacturing facilities, Homag can integrate Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) into both new and existing production facilities. The AGVs connect individual machines, cells and workstations within production facilities without the need for additional human intervention. They are ideal for the rapid transportation of materials and workpieces between machinery during manufacturing.

Automated window production with Homag Centateq

With more than 20 years’ experience in developing CNC machines for window construction, Homag now offers automated solutions for window production. The Centateq S-800|900 processing centres allow for autonomous processing with automatic feeding and removal of workpieces. 

Simon Brooks concludes: “Homag can assist all manufacturers with the challenge of automating processes that minimise personnel and reduce manual handling. We can also support companies with Homag Finance so that customers can relax with the peace of mind that there are flexible and easy repayment options for every solution.”  

To find out more about Homag’s automated solutions, contact Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856424.