Since unveiling its latest ‘more than an edge’ campaign for kitchen and bathroom solutions at this year’s kbb Birmingham event, Rehau has now set its sights on what the future holds, revealing an ambitious five year vision.

Well known for its industry leading edgeband solutions, Rehau has always been at the cutting edge of this essential furniture material. However, there is much more to the German-owned polymer company. 

Until recently Rehau has worked quietly on the quality and innovation it can offer the furniture industry. In a move towards servicing those who are making more bespoke and independent furniture solutions, Rehau has redefined its offering for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in order to provide them with a more diverse yet stylish product range. This is a big change for the company who see this as a positive step towards bringing more individual and high quality solutions to personal spaces throughout homes and commercial spaces.

Leading this new direction for Rehau is Scott Williams, sales manager within the Furniture Solutions division, who sees the move as a new and exciting one. It’s a completely new path for the company to take as most of the industry are familiar with the Rehau brand via larger enterprises and joint ventures, but now it is ready to unlock further potential by targeting a new premium market. 

In order to facilitate this new customer type and their order requirements, Rehau is able to utilise the capabilities of its subsidiary brand Waivis, an engineering company which joined the Group in 2008. It is also undertaking a digital transformation project in order to enhance and tailor the ordering process. 

While Rehau did exhibit its renowned Raukantex edgeband range at kbb Birmingham earlier this year – one of the largest available ranges in Europe – it also showcased a more holistic solution with other surfacing and tambour products. This included Rehau’s high performing Rauvisio crystal range, a high-performance acrylic which can also be used as a glass alternative, available in a selection of plain and exclusive stone décors. 

Rehau’s newest polymer product has many comparable features to real glass, but has none of the disadvantages associated with processing it. Rehau now offers the Crystal range in three formats, including made to measure components, from just one piece. The company was also proud to feature its seamless zero joint technology, with a primer, colour matched adhesive, and the technically advanced polymer functional layer. 

Rehau’s new approach was well received at kbb and just the first step of many in a bid to diversify and provide something new to the market. As work has already started with a number of SMEs in this space, readers of Furniture and Joinery Production will no doubt hear more in the months to come.