Blum has released a new planning software platform, Cabinet Configurator, which supplements its existing Dynaplan. 

With Cabinet Configurator, all cabinets can be designed and configured within a web browser, meaning the software is always up to date, does not take valuable space on a computer, and is always available. As with all Blum services, this comes completely free of charge when buying Blum products.

The software enables users to configure Blum fittings using the integrated collision check with just a few clicks and then sends the order directly to the online shops of selected distributors. Comprehensive planning of cabinets makes manufacturing quick and simple. Projects can be transferred straight to the most popular CAD software for the design process to continue.

Additionally, frequently used cabinets can be saved as standard values, further simplifying the process, and of course make the process even quicker.

Cabinet Configurator also calculates the weight of the fronts, even if different materials are used. Then Blum components, fixed shelves and central panels can be quickly and accurately added, with a parts list created to transfer to selected Blum distributors.

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