Comau has introduced its Racer5-0.80 COBOT (collaborative robot), which the company says meets the growing demand for fast, cost-effective cobots that can be used in restricted spaces and different application areas. 

Countering the belief that collaborative robots are slow, Racer-5 COBOT is a six-axis articulated robot that can work at industrial speeds up to 6m/s. 

With a 5kg payload and 809mm reach, it ensures optimal industrial efficiency while granting the added benefit of safe, barrier-free operations.

Furthermore, the cobot can instantly switch from a collaborative mode to full speed when operators are not around, letting its 0.03mm repeatability and advanced movement fluidity deliver “unmatched” production rates.

The Racer-5 COBOT combines flexibility and collaborative safety features with high repeatability and accuracy – Racer-5 can automatically switch from industrial robot speed to collaborative speed when a human operator enters its working area

The Racer-5 COBOT enables systems integrators and end-users to automate even the most sophisticated manufacturing processes without sacrificing speed, precision or collaborative intelligence. With this powerful industrial robot operating in dual modes, Comau’s customers are able to install a single, high-performance solution, rather than having to deploy two distinct robots. 

With advanced safety features fully certified by TÜV Süd – an independent and globally recognised certification company – the cobot can be used within any high-performance line without the need for protective barriers, which effectively reduces safety costs and floorspace requirements. 

The Racer-5 COBOT also features integrated LED lighting to provide real-time confirmation of the workcell status. Finally, electrical and air connectors are located on the forearm, to grant greater agility and minimise the risk of damage. All this enables Racer-5 COBOT to ensure higher production quality, better performance, faster cycle times and reduced capital expenditures. 

Compact, barrier-free operations grant a smaller footprint and lower safety costs

“Our new Racer-5 COBOT delivers the speed and precision the small payload collaborative robotics market was missing,” explains Pietro Ottavis, Comau’s CTO. “We estimate the global market for compact collaborative robots to reach a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of up to 45%, which will largely be driven by the global need to reduce process complexity and eliminate non-value-added activities. 

“By adding advanced safety features to our top-selling Racer-5 industrial robot, we have created a fast, reliable and user-friendly cobot that can be used in any situation where cycle times and accuracy are paramount.”

Made entirely in Comau (Turin, Italy), Racer-5 COBOT has a rigid construction that facilitates higher precision and repeatability year after year, making it particularly suitable for assembly, material handling, machine tending, dispensing and pick-and-place applications within the automotive, electrification and general industry sectors. 

In addition, the compact cobot can be easily transported and installed almost anywhere, helping Comau’s customers optimise their processes and protect their investment.