Anyone who manufactures, sells or fits furniture with Blum fittings can benefit from customised, all-round service packages

Blum have built up a reputation for not only selling quality fittings for kitchens and other home furniture, but also providing an array of services to help every touch-point of their business.

In a holistic sense, Blum understands the term ‘services’ to mean anything that facilitates the work of its customers. Included in this offering are digital services – Blum E-SERVICES such as Cabinet and Product Configurators – and its CAD/CAM Data Service in addition to personal customer support provided by Blum experts. 

Blum also supports its manufacturing customers with logistical services such as order management. Assembly devices – from easy-to-use templates and EASYSTICK, right through to MINIPRESS – are also part of the overall range of service products provided by the fittings specialist. 

The technical services hotline is available 12 hours a day during the week (8am to 8pm), and 8am-12 noon on a Saturday, on 0800 230 0898 with Blum expertise available free of charge to manufacturers and fitters alike.

Retailers have long been supported in the UK, with dedicated team members that can have a chat, visit showrooms throughout the country to do a quick technical check of the presentation elements, making sure all products are properly adjusted and presented correctly. They also help to maximise displays to further ensure that consumers realise the potential storage offerings that can be achieved by using Blum storage solutions.  

In its marketing activities, Blum supports its customers with communication services such as the Marketing Media Library.

Blum offers constant support throughout the customer’s process chain. 

Which processes are used and which services are appropriate depends on whether the customer is a furniture manufacturer, cabinet maker, retailer or fitter. The needs and challenges also vary depending on the customer’s size and degree of automation. Blum considers these on a case-by-case basis and with a 360° view of everyday operations to offer service packages that are always relevant. This also makes it possible to inspire customers with a combination of high-quality products and services tailored to their needs.

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