Mike Briggs, Panelco’s purchasing director


“Design is a key component of any project,” says Mike, “the requirements needed can sometimes be tricky and provide unexpected obstacles which prove costly or difficult to navigate adding unnecessary time and costs – but simple solutions may not be as far away as you might think, with Medite, they provide a consistent, versatile and high-quality range of products to cover a vast number of applications.”

Offering an abundance of solutions for projects and builds, Panelco look to provide material that remains consistently high quality and dependable – Medite MDF qualifies for that perfectly, bringing to the market a wide array of products that are rigorously tested and held to high standards.

“We also pride ourselves on offering a consistent service to all of our customers, from the decision to delivery we provide the facilities to assist in multiple processes, giving our customers the ability to stay ahead of current market trends and influences,” explains Mike.

“Along with direct access to our facilities and knowledge base from our team, we are certainly not just a delivery service. Medite understand when deciding to work with us they are as committed to your business as you are to theirs and we aim to work with their customers on a one to one basis providing a bespoke service that includes supporting customers and clients with direct onsite visits to utilise everything they have to offer.”

Similarly, Medite has recently launched its new ‘Medite Makes It Real’ campaign which has a dedicated portal that has proven to be a popular tool for all involved.

As Mike says: “We are working closely together with Medite, to give our customers the opportunity to get involved and become part of this professional network. This will enable you to share your Medite projects and give you a chance to win some amazing prizes, whilst also discussing ideas.


“We have been working with Medite for over 15 years and it has proved to be the perfect partnership – the relationship we have maintained and thrive upon has allowed and helped us to provide the materials for numerous large projects and developments over the years. This level of experience and providing the materials required has helped Panelco and Medite to gain an insightful and prescient level of understanding together,” says Mike.

Medite Moisture Resistant

“Our ex-stock range of MDF is vast and designed to cover many applications. We hold in excess of 100 stock lines supplied by Medite, each tailored to a variety of requirements including fire retardant, moisture and water-resistant alongside a plethora of other specifications from breathable panels to high-quality painting finishes, we offer a diverse range suitable for hundreds of applications.


Conluding, Mike says: “Panelco, working alongside Medite, are looking to assist in your requirements, show you what’s possible and help you in any upcoming projects. The ‘Medite Makes It Real’ portal is a key asset in this, providing a library of ideas and concepts.”

Find out more, call 01782 392100  or go online at https://panelco.com/panelco/Medite-makes-it-real