CNC World’s forthcoming open house event on September 21st and 22nd will showcase its range of CNC router, plasma, laser, knife and waterjet machines – alongside its 3D printing machines – at its Dereham, Norfolk showroom.

With Mark Rowe and Lorraine West at the helm, CNC World is the sole UK distributor for MultiCam Inc systems. At the open house event next month visitors will see live demonstrations of a range of machines with CNC World’s experts on hand to answer customers’ questions and application options.

The company is also in a position to deliver machines from stock, and visitors will also be able to secure exclusive discounts at the event.

The CNC World business was set up over 15 years ago after Mark had previously sold MultiCam Inc machines and Lorraine owning a machine herself. Lorraine decided to leave a previous role and buy her own MultiCam machine, setting up as a CNC machinist – so MultiCam is what we know.

They were followed into the business by Mark’s two sons Jason and Justin, and more recently by two of his grandsons Haydan and Jordan who work across both sales and physically running some of the machines at our head office in Norfolk.

CNC World provides cost effective, easy-to-use, programmable cutting, and additive manufacturing solutions for both large and small companies alike.