Egger has set the wheels in motion, triumphantly making a statement in Leeds with a brand-new, deliciously colourful display at Lawcris headquarters. Cleverly merging office and showroom, the space provides customers, designers and architects with a fully functioning, imaginatively vibrant, social space to meet, share and develop creations.

Lauren Barker, head of marketing, explains “Most people walk into the room with a slight gasp, the space takes them by surprise and immediately piques their interest. Music is playing in the background as they instantly start pulling out the big sample boards and placing them into the two big gallery areas, one on each side of the room. Ample lighting allows them to play with colours and combinations in a more authentic environment. There is optimal space to stand back to look at the arrangements from multiple viewpoints. The room is suddenly a buzz of creativity, an explosion of visual pleasure.”

“Once the colour palettes begin to reveal themselves, textures need to be determined. The eye-catching table in the centre of the room has all the answers with ingenious holders to place the boards upright, side by side. This allows people to weigh up the different elements closely from the comfort of their own seats at the table, carefully choosing the perfect surface for their project.”

Egger is renowned for its surface textures. It truly understands that the feel of a surface is important and has invested a lot of money into developing woodgrains and materials to be more realistic than ever. This natural appearance is highly appealing to designers. Not only for their project’s purse strings, but the simplicity of installation and easy maintenance. Providing that visual and sensory experience adds massive value.

Lauren continues: “With the boards displayed in the middle of the table, people can compare the differences, especially when it comes to the woodgrains. Whether they are looking for a contemporary veneer effect or opting for something that comes very close to solid timber, balance is everything and they will always find something that works perfectly for their project.”

Designers are attracted to Egger for their matching materials, which is one of its unique selling points. Having a selection of worktops, laminates, MFC (in varying thicknesses) and edging available in the same decor is appealing to anyone looking to create a high-end look on a budget.

Lauren says: “There are endless options to pick from around the room. Glosses that supersede anything on the market, edging with accents that refreshingly highlight and complement the board, over 250 colourful laminates and we have not even touched upon the popular painted timber effects that are in fashion. Everything on display is available on next day delivery which allows ease in their choices.”

“Once boards have been selected, it is time for designers to lockdown their choices. They scan the decors which then appear on a huge 65-inch TV screen within Egger's high-tech App. These can be placed in a digital mood board alongside other inspiration and photos. This allows them to take their experience away with them to helpfully inform their clients. A4 samples are also available to take away, it is a perfect balance between digital and reality.”

“The opportunity to work with Egger on this exciting collaboration, and have the full decorative collection on display was a must. To have a showroom which provides instant access to big samples, showing how Egger products look, feel, change, contrast and combine with others, is beneficial to our customers. Local designers and architects have already taken full advantage. In addition, local joiners are now booking the space, bringing their customers down to plan out their kitchens or bedrooms.”

Dean Carroll, head of procurement, says: “There are businesses, like Egger, in this world that stand out, they thrive in a way no others do. Egger's pace in terms of innovation has been monumental, a constant leader in design with a clear focus on meeting the customers’ needs.  The dramatic impact of the Egger Decorative Collection has revolutionised the interior design world. We are so happy to be part of it with a display of our own to share and inspire.”

The Egger DesignHUB can be found at Lawcris, Leeds. Simply get in touch with their friendly sales team and book your space.

0113 217 7177