Leitz has taken the next step to providing their customers with a complete Tool Management package with CompleteCare. The system makes effective use of digital logistics software in order to help automate the ordering and monitoring process of tooling supplies.

“We are all well aware of the issues that machine downtime can have for our businesses,” said Simon Liddell, Managing Director at Leitz Tooling. “From lost efficiency and reduced throughput to complete factory shutdown, there’s a whole host of issues that can arise when a company’s tooling processes are improperly managed.

“There is a huge amount of work that goes into getting tooling parts where they need to be, when they need to be. Leitz’s CompleteCare package ensures that your machinery supply chain is expertly and efficiently managed, without the requirement to purchase tools outright.” Ensuring that parts are where they need to be on time will significantly help to reduce downtimes and keep business’  manufacturing rates high.

CompleteCare provides a complete tool supply service from a single source, which makes it ideal for companies with large batch sizes. Invoicing is based on agreed production figures, which means that pricing is adapted based on real-time costs and data.

As well as this, Leitz uses its expertise to make processes more productive and efficient, ensuring that your stock is managed effectively to minimise disruption.

Leitz has invested in developing a long-term partnership with customers for mutual success. Leitz also supports customers by advising on how they can begin to redesign their processes and adapt their production line to meet the demands of the future.

Learn more about Leitz and their range of Tool Management Systems at their website.