Numerous woodworking manufacturers are viewing their wood waste stream as a revenue generator, and with the help of the Fercell Weima UK many are now capitalising on the introducing added value, beyond the year on year savings to factory and office winter heating bills.

Lump wood burnt in a biomass system in turn used to heat factory and office is now becoming the norm. There is however an ever growing number of companies enjoying the value add profit stream by adding of a shredder and briquette press with an ancillary bagging system, creating a complete waste to revenue solution where own use excess is sold to the local domestic market or contracted wholesaler. A new revenue stream once a waste disposal liability.

Fercell Weima UK lead the UK market in their field, providing shredder and briquette solutions producing briquettes up to 6000kg/hr. So whether you waste stream is small or large there is a Fercell Weima UK solution either as a standalone or complete system to suit your needs.

From concept to commissioning stand alone to complete system including the biomass heater and Fercell Kwik-Fix dusting find out more by calling the Fercell Team. Our input is key to your output.