SCM's SI 400 Class sliding table panel saw with programmable or manual versions and a 400mm diameter blade is the best solution for every panel sawing application, and is providing a high level of sales in the UK.

It has specifications and prices to meet all panel sawing requirements, perfect for customers who require a high level of features and automatic devices to assist in easy setting-up and fast and precise panel breakdown with an excellent quality of cut. 

The many advantages include maximum cut quality guaranteed over time due to sliding table structure with special ground-arch steel guides – a patented solution. The sliding table itself is made from a high quality extruded aluminium profile with a honeycomb structure to offer the maximum tensile strength.

Steel slideways fixed by means of a mechanical bending system ensures maximum reliability over the life of the panel saw. The arc-ground steel slideways grant a cutting precision to an accuracy of +/-0,005mm along the entire carriage length. The loading capacity is four times higher with respect to any other panel saw manufacturer's systems.

Perfect cuts are possible with the closed loop structure of the saw unit which ensures perfect alignment of the blades during tilted and troublesome cuts and maximum support for the panel for both angled and tilted cuts with full support frame – only with  the programmable  version – is also available.

Cutting height capacity with sawblade at 90/45° is 140/97mm with a squaring capacity of 3200 x 3200mm with the carriage and extended stop. Manual movements are always user friendly and precise. Every minimum hand wheel movement corresponds to a precise blade adjustment (manual version).

The operator’s job is very easy as with only one cut, it is always the correct one. The large display suggests to the operator information for the correct use of any cutting configuration. In particular it displays in real time – an SCM patent – the correct position of the stop on the basis of the known measurements of the work piece.

EASY Control, the operating advantage with easy operator assistance, provides maximum reliability due to the function pushbuttons and is easy-to-use with the electronic control of up to five axes with the seven-inch LCD display. There is also integrated and fast control of all dedicated functions. These features translate into immediate improvements in productivity and guarantees the capability of the full potential of the machine.

The Toptech full support frame with wireless function provides maximum support for the panel being cut for both angles and tilted cuts. It consists of a single centre of rotation for maximum reliability over time and a robust design to support all angles even with large, heavy panels. The electronic control with the integrated wireless system updates in real time the data for the position of the stops, always showing the actual size of the required workpiece.