First white, then oak, then light grey and then white again ... anyone who uses different edgings knows the problem: edgings have to be constantly put in and new edgings taken out. This onerous work disappears with the Ostermann’s Smart-Strip Magazine, which allows frequently used rolls to be stored directly on the machine and inserted in no time at all.

Be honest! How often do you change the edgings on the machine – every day? And do you find this work tiresome? Loading one edging, storing the other edging and so on. Businesses which start various edgings several times a day should have a closer look at the Smart-Strip Magazine in the Ostermann online shop.

Like jackets on a clothes rail
With the Smart-Strip Magazine, technology originally reserved for large industrial users, has been specially adapted and optimised for smaller businesses. The rolls of edging tape hang in their holders like jackets on a clothes rail and are ready in the practical magazine stand for their next usage.

Simple but practical
Using the Smart-Strip Magazine has many advantages: one of them is the enormous time saving. Edgings no longer need to be constantly removed and retrieved and are available at all times for immediate use. Partial rolls are stored safely and correctly.

Another advantage is that the edgings already hanging in the magazine are readily available. It is possible to change the edging quickly at any time by simply inserting the edgings. The movable magazine stand allows easy storage of the Smart-Strip Magazine even in small workshops. An additional advantage is that it is easy to monitor the amount of edging tape remaining.

For edgings in various widths and thicknesses
To load the magazine simply set up the roll on the magazine and insert it. Refilling or loading is done in a matter of seconds. The magazine is suitable for all edging rolls from 0.5 up to 3mm thick. Different edge widths can be stored by adapting the magazine using the appropriate spacers.

Safe working practices
Numerous innovations ensure safe working on the edgebanding machine. A safety device protects from accidental unrolling of the edgings. In addition the Smart-Strip Magazine is adjustable from 65 to 100cm and therefore adapts perfectly to the size of the edging roll. The easy set-up of even heavy and large rolls ensures that the edging is consistently applied to the work piece.

Accessories and delivery options
The Ostermann range for Smart-Strip Magazine includes the movable magazine stand with ten individual magazines for 23mm edgings. All components are also available individually. These include of course the four sets of spacers for widths of 33, 43, 55 and 65mm.