Altendorf only makes panel saws, that’s all. Since 1906 this focused dedication – some might say obsession – has seen Altendorf become world leaders in sliding table saws with over 150,000 machines sold to date.

The first thing one notices about the new Altendorf F45 is the sleek new design of the machine frame. A flat, flush front provides clear foot space for the operator to work closer to the machine and work-piece without fear of catching their leg on protrusions. To achieve this, the machine chassis has been comprehensively redesigned resulting in unprecedented torsion resistance and extremely low running vibration. Having seen the new look, suddenly all other panel saws look distinctly old-fashioned.

Altendorf has always offered a wealth of options and customisation is key to the new F45. Eye level control is now standard and available in a choice of three completely new programmable units; ProDrive, EvoDrive, Elmo Drive.

  • ProDrive: The entry level ProDrive provides control of the height and tilt of the sawblade, and depending on the optional features configured, the CNC rip fence, scoring saw unit, vacuum table system, variable motor speed and more.
  • EvoDrive: In addition to a 7in touch screen and separate keyboard the EvoDrive is also equipped with pre-installed application technology defining inside and outside dimensions automatically, incremental CNC rip fence grooving facility, tool management system and more. 
  • ElmoDrive: For unrivalled total control the ElmoDrive with 12in touch screen allows the operator to store the most used functions in a quick access menu bar, and can be linked to cut optimisation software packages for maximum efficiency.

The optional ability to tilt the saw unit up to 46° both ways makes the F45 an even more versatile cutting machine, tilting from one extreme to the other in just 12 seconds. One of the main applications for the two-way tilt is the sawing of internal mitres using the crosscut fence. Just as straight forward are simple bevel cuts and compound mitres.

The famously smooth sliding table is at the heart of the machine and remains the undisputed benchmark for precision cutting and minimal maintenance.

Daltons Wadkin sales director, Andy Walsh, comments: “The new design and flexibility of the F45 gives our customers the ability to equip the machine as they require, without compromise. To give our customers total piece of mind, we recommend high quality equipment of this type be delivered using our own in-house specialist HiAb service including offloading and positioning within the workshop.

“Our Support Services team of Altendorf trained installation engineers assist with the delivery and stay on site to install, commission and train the operators on how to make the most out of their F45.”
There are almost limitless options available for the F45. To make the choice a little easier Altendorf offer for option packs providing some of the more common configurations. These are all detailed in the accompanying F45 brochure covering options, features and prices.

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