As a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic edgebands with more than 60 years of experience in the extrusion of customised edging and service solutions, Döllken sets very high standards for surface printing and design, trendsetting jointing technologies and haptic feedback as well as surface finishing, super-matt surfaces and 3D depth effects.

Döllken is clearly a pioneer in the market of 3D edgebands. And with its three newly-developed 3D edgebands, Döllken says it has proved this once again.

The 3D-Space-edgeband offers new options for furniture design and its asymmetric structure of the lamella combines transparency and novel depth effects. This creates interactions between the observer and 3D-Space edgebands. Both the surface finish and the appearance of the edgeband will change as the viewing angle changes.
Visually, the edgeband creates a sense of lightness due to its natural and apparently mobile lamella and its PMMA material. Döllken says the 3D-Space-edgeband will enhance worktops, fronts, drawers, doors, 3D-Multiplex applications very well.

The 3D-Multiplex-edge creates a unique depth effect through striking interactions between transparent and solid coloured lines. This option provides no bounds to creativity, thanks to the wide range of colours of the multiplex lines. Customised play of colours has the capacity to meet all customer demands.

The new 3D-3in1 surface finish edging is the perfect match to any worktop surface finish and the interaction between surface finish and contrast strip will create an extraordinary union of board and edgeband, not seen before.

By embedding the strip oriented on the colour of the face, the edgeband will form a link to the design features incorporated in the room. Döllken can also offer customised design options for this edgeband in terms of combinations of colour and surface finishes.