Professional craftsmen expect a great deal from their saws. Ask how a good saw should be and their answers will probably be the same: it has got to be sharp, robust, efficient, with a good grip and no pinching.

Fundamentally, a good saw is all about effectiveness. The ability to saw fast, straight and safely with a guaranteed neat cut every time. That is what Hultafors promises with its range of saws – now with the addition of the HBS model.

It is described as a great value saw for universal use with a fiberglass reinforced handle, rubber grip plus 45° and 90° angle guides. The saw blade is made from 1mm thick steel to deliver extra stability, precision and low vibrations and the narrow blade-tip provides access in narrow spaces.

What’s more, it’s highly durable with long-lasting sharpness and has a comfortable grip to give stability and a smooth sawing action in which force is efficiently transferred with every stroke.

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