The BMB 811 enables the efficient processing of single components in one machine – performing all internal, external and end profiling operations as well as the machining for all ironmongery and horn detail.

“The challenges in window production today are the ever-more complex designs of window profiles, more intricate machining detail and smaller batch sizes,” explains Simon Brooks, sales and marketing director of Homag UK.

He continues: “These multifaceted units are tricky to manufacture and previously have required different machines to handle the diverse processes.

“The 800 series BMB window processing machines build upon the experience and development of the highly popular 900 series as installed at several high profile UK window manufacturers.

“With Homag’s latest BMB 800 series, it is now possible to clamp and re-clamp the components freely in the clamps in all three directions. This enables complex operations to be carried out without removing the workpieces from the machine.”

The clamps can be adjusted relative to one another and, if necessary, be swivelled away – useful when drilling holes for handles, for example. Free clamping in terms of height opens up completely new opportunities: when being re-clamped, components can also be clamped in the rebate which enables complete, free, six-sided processing for narrow profiles.

High volume productivity in a small footprint
The BMB 811 features a solid gantry bridge, a beam table with one or two (depending on the performance requirements) independently movable rows of clamps and a gripping unit for loading, clamping and unloading the components.

The spindles, processing units, tool-changing systems and tables can be configured individually, allowing the machine to handle four parts simultaneously and for processing to be performed in parallel at both tables.

This means processing can take place at one of the tables while components are being clamped, loaded or removed at the other table. The result is a significant increase in productivity compared to previous solutions available on the market. With this new capacity, it delivers consistent scalability from 20 to 50 window units per shift, all in a very compact area.

New robust tool storage system
Simon Brooks again: “Ideally, you want a tool storage system that can hold a large number of tools, delivers short tool-changing times and has the ability to handle large and heavy tools. Many tool systems meet only one of these important criteria for window manufacturing. In contrast, however, the BMB 811’s new ToolTower storage system meets all these demands.”

The ToolTower has generous distances between the tool slots which enables loading without any gaps, even with large tools. Up to four disks positioned above one another provide full capacity to tool slots. For a fast tool change the ToolTower has a swivel arm; the new tool is prepared during processing and is in a waiting position so that only a short swivelling movement is necessary for the tool change to be completed.

A versatile solution
The BMB 811’s ability to handle part lengths up to 4200mm in the standard sequence and up to 6000mm with single feed, with part thicknesses up to 150mm and widths up to 300mm, makes the 811 powerProfiler a truly versatile machine.

The optional joinery table also allows for the machining of arch head windows, small components and solid core doors up to 1300mm in width.
It can also be used for everything from complete processing of construction elements for conservatories and facades to small sash bars with a minimum part dimension of 170 x 25 x 15mm.

This means that the application of the machine is not restricted solely to architectural or building components. The high level of output and ultimate clamping flexibility also offer advantages in the manufacture of solid wood furniture components and shaker-style kitchen fronts.

Summing up, Simon Brooks says: “The BMB 811 powerProfiler offers window manufacturers the ability to handle the complete processing of curved parts, round windows, door and supplementary elements which would otherwise need to be processed on other machines.

“This machine takes economical window production to a completely new level. The parts buffer in the infeed and outfeed tables allows autonomous operation for up to two hours, giving the machine operator the freedom to perform additional activities.

“The extensive range of options with up to five-axis technology and the innovative clamping technology means that the BMB 811 is future-proofed to handle trends in the market.”

Homag UK has extensive experience of single component manufacture projects and works in close liaison with several leading tooling and software partners to deliver a working solution.

To arrange a demonstration of the Homag BMB 811 call Karen Payen on 01332 856500.