Less is definitely more… AkzoNobel ready to help as deadline looms for classification of formaldehyde - being caught out is never a good thing. Deadlines approach and some of us are prone to burying issues. Never a good idea.

In 2014 formaldehyde was reclassified as a Carcinogen Category 1B. As a Category 1 carcinogen, the use of formaldehyde is now about to be regulated by the Carcinogen and Mutagen Directive in EU workplaces.

The central concept of this prime directive is “protection of workers against risks to their health and safety, including the prevention of such risks, arising or likely to arise from exposure to carcinogens or mutagens at work”.

The commission responsible expanded the transition period until 1st January 2016. It begs the questions, are we ready to fully comply with the new classification and are the products out there?

AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and adhesives company and a major producer of specialty chemicals. It supplies industries and consumers worldwide with innovative products and sustainable technologies designed to meet the growing demands of our fast-changing planet.

LignuPro Free, a new bonding system from AkzoNobel, is formaldehyde- and isocyanate-free. This new bonding technology has hard glue line properties similar to the thermosetting Urea Formaldehyde adhesive and offers a system aimed directly at furniture manufacturers.

LignuPro Free veneering offers great benefits to strengthen competitiveness for furniture manufacturers by supplying a formaldehyde and isocyanate free glue line, together with high-bonding performance, reducing veneer to board delamination and edge to edge glue line opening during the gluing process providing an optimal result. LignuPro Free can also offer ‘bonding process monitoring’ which ensures relevant process parameters by measuring and logging the flow of glue and hardener, for optimal glue amounts together with measuring and logging the lamella and glue temperature. An alarm also gives an early warning if any pre-set value deviates.

LignuPro Zero from AkzoNobel is a new ultra-low emitting system for furniture production that has outstanding bonding performance coupled to high moisture resistance and provides a transparent glue line.

LignuPro also delivers high levels of wood fibre tear. The content of free formaldehyde is below 0.1% – no label declaration is needed for this thermosetting amino adhesive.

The system is isocyanate free and has extremely low VOC. Performance is in line with existing formaldehyde-based adhesives and the system has ability to pass the ANSI test with a high resistance to moisture. LignuPro Zero complies with EN 12765, class 3 and offers high performance to a competitive price compared to other adhesives.

AkzoNobel also has a range of solutions for structural adhesives and finishes to help businesses meet these new challenges and has been ranked number one on the influential Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the fourth consecutive year. For AkzoNobel it’s all about doing more with less.

The mantra as the looming deadline approaches must be one of replacement, reduction and prevention to reduce exposure. It’s a collection of solutions that AkzoNobel can deliver right now.

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