Mirka UK is launching a new solid surface solution which will offer fabricators a small detail sanding concept designed specifically for hard to reach places on a variety of solid surfaces including Corian, Krion, Samsung and Staron. 

The new solid surface solution features Mirka’s lightweight pneumatic AOS 32mm Angled Orbital Sander and 34mm Abranet and Ultimax abrasive discs. These contain aluminium oxide grains that deliver a high performance process combined with fast and efficient stock removal and a consistent finish, especially when used on the inside edges of solid surface sinks and seams (after fabricating ).

Abranet has always been a market leader when finishing solid surface material due to its non clogging mesh construction and high stock removal. Its flexibility in conjunction with the new AOS sander will enable it to sand intricate curves effectively.

In addition, Mirka is launching a range of 34mm Ultimax discs for the initial coarser sanding and shaping required. Ultimax’ tiny cavities of no abrasive produce greater sanding pressure which increases stock removal with no deterioration of finish.  The sanding area is kept significantly cooler which means a greater life expectancy of the disc.

Ultimax 34mm discs are available from P40 to P180, Abranet 34mm are available from P80 to P800, all in packs of 50. Abralon discs will also form part of the kit.

Pete Sartain, national sales manager – industrial, of Mirka UK, says: “We identified that our customer base working with solid surfaces had a requirement for a small detail sander and abrasives to assist them during the manufacturing process. Our R&D facility in Jeppo designed this solid surface solution to meet the requirements of fabricators who need to be able to reach profiles and the inside of sinks and seams in a mechanical way.”