For almost 70 years, the Bütfering brand has stood for high performance wide-belt sanding machines and innovative surface finishing. The all new Bütfering SWT 200 Series carries on that tradition offering highly flexible and compact sanding solutions. Machines in the range efficiently perform calibration and fine sanding of solid wood and wooden materials as well as veneer and lacquer sanding up to full panel widths of 1350mm.

The Bütfering SWT 200 Series models are all constant pass line machines which means the feed table height is constant providing a more heavy-duty and reliable solution. Each machine in the range is controlled via a 7” colour touchscreen with a user-friendly graphic interface. As with all Bütfering machines the attention to detail is extremely high, for example, the machines have earthing straps to eliminate static which can have a negative impact on dust extraction and sanding performance.

Advanced work piece thickness measuring
The machines all feature automatic thickness adjustment from 3 to 200mm (previously 150mm) and a constant working height (900mm) via adjustment of the upper frame of the machine.
Work pieces are fed into the machine on a variable speed (3-15m/min), high quality multi-ply conveyor belt. The parts are guided through the machine with spring-loaded rubberised pressure rollers positioned close to the sanding heads.

Comprehensive selection of head types
The SWT 200 Series offers a choice of four heads which can be specified in single and twin head configurations to give seven different machine types. All the heads feature a simplified head locking system which enables quick and simple changing of sanding belts.

Designed for flat surfaces, the combination L-Head uses a contact roller for calibration and an air cushion sanding pad system (acp) for fine sanding applications. This pneumatic pressure pad system delivers the right pressure over the entire working width.

In the same way, the combination C-Head also features a contact roller for calibration but with the addition of the electronic pneumatic pad system (eps) for sanding. The machines’ electronics ensure the optimum sanding pressure on all areas of a work piece.

The pressure pad consists of separate segments which are applied to match the work piece shape. Offering thickness tolerance compensation of up to 2mm, the system is perfect for intermediate and fine sanding of solid wood, along with veneer and lacquer sanding.

The R-Head has been designed for calibration and preparation of surfaces to provide a mechanical key for glueing. It is very efficient with high stock removal rates whilst avoiding the so called ‘wash-out’ effect.

Oscillation marks are a thing of the past
A new addition is the inclusion of an H-Head which leaves no oscillation (snake) marks and sands at lower temperatures to increase the lifetime of the sanding belt. Featuring a chevron belt, the H-Head delivers a smooth and extremely consistent surface finish making it most suitable for veneer, lacquer and filler sanding. It also offers a wide range of useful grit sizes up to P1200 grit.

Quick change brush system
A useful option for the SWT 200 series is the quick change cassette brush system with cleaning and texturing brushes available. The glazing brush is recommended to smooth and to emphasise pores on lacquered surfaces whilst the wire brushes create that in vogue weathered or distressed look.

“Yet again, with the SWT 200 Series, Bütfering has come up with a great range of machines,” claims Simon Brooks, sales and marketing director for HOMAG UK. He continues, “Whilst it may not look that different from the outside, the engineers at Bütfering have started with a clean sheet to ensure that every little detail of this powerful wide-belt sander is perfect.

“Taking this fresh approach has enabled them to create a flexible, reliable, high quality sander all within a very compact footprint. The range and combinations of heads to choose from allows every machine to be tailored to each customer’s specific needs and I am certain demand for this SWT 200 Series will be high,” concludes Brooks.

To arrange a demonstration of one of the new Bütfering SWT 200 Series sanding machines, call Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856424.

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