T-type Glissando, Titus’ new generation hinge, is characterised by a highly tolerant design, which assures a reliable door closing and lifetime performance even in cases of accidental misalignment and inaccurate drillings.

The three-way snap-on mounting plate allows for an intuitive hinge-to-plate mounting in three directions, which enhances and simplifies the mounting experience and enables easy door installation even in tall cabinets where four-to-five hinges per door are required.

Low hinge cup drilling depth enables the wide range of applications on door thickness from 15mm on.

The T-type Glissando soft closing action is tuned to Titus ConfidentClose: where the door closes fast, the deceleration action begins at a late point of door-closing action and the closing is especially slow and soft in the last stage when the door leans against the cabinet side.