During the year, 38 innovative effects were introduced ranging from the latest solid colours in high gloss, matt finishes and structured painted woodgrain surfaces to the most realistic woodgrain prints and sophisticated textures.

Solid colours
This year solid colours and textured surfaces are prominent with 19 new effects on offer. Colours extended beyond the quiet reserves of neutral tones, as the market is again looking for warmth, vibrancy and atmosphere.

High gloss
To meet continuing popularity for high gloss surfaces, three vibrant new colours were introduced: Evora, Peperoncino Rosso and Plankton.

Liberty Elm is a pleasant modern woodgrain design. It has smooth elegant lines with neutral grey tones forming a calm and discreet creation - shown here is Smoked Liberty Elm 18, and also available is the light Silver Liberty Elm 19 

Metal tones are ideal for adding fashionable highlights and atmosphere such as High Gloss Arctic Blue, Copper Red Textured and Nomadic Gold. 

Matt finishes
The continued emerging demand for matt surfaces is met with a dynamic range of eight trend colours from two alternative surfaces finishes – Suedette Matt and Supermatt.

Artisan Beech portrays classic beech markings with modest planking and a gently flowing linear structure to bring this much loved wood design right up to date. It is available in Sand Artisan Beech 13 (shown here) or in a dark striking Truffle Artisan Beech 14

Structured surfaces
Two new dark greys are represented:  Graphite Modern Ash, a structured woodgrain paint effect and the linear Lino Wolfgang Grey.

Woodgrain designs
While oak remains popular with four new decors Urban Oak, Gladstone Oak, Riverside and Vintage Oak – all of which feature different design elements and represent eight of the new product introductions in different colourways – this year also sees a broadening of the species in vogue with beech, elm and walnut all making an appearance, creating diversity and extending the scope of the range.

With its knots and imperfections Riverside B is a rustic design toned with a tint of gold to create a classic Oak with a modern interpretation – also available is Riverside A which is a warm shade of truffle with creamy white undertones

The Renolit Highlights Collection features the new design introductions from the last 24 months added annually into the global 3D stock collection. The range totals an extensive 278 Renolit Covaren and Renolit Alkoren decors. 

The complete collection can be viewed in this year’s edition of the 3D Stock Range brochure, copies of which are available on request.

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