Hettich’s ArciTech premium drawer system has added a new dimension to the fitted furniture experience – from kitchens to living areas. With its build quality, smooth action and unparalleled range of options, it really stands apart.

A single space is a much more flexible storage solution than several smaller spaces of equivalent volume. This is why wider drawers make sense, particularly in the kitchen. Combined with well-made and designed internal organisation, a wide drawer can transform the user’s experience.

The technical challenge has been to create wide drawers which can handle the capacity and still perform. ArciTech has set the standard for wide drawers with its incredibly smooth action and stability, based on the Actro runner with industry-leading loading capacity up to 80kg.

Larder units are another great solution to optimise the use of cabinet space – ArciTech internal drawers are ideal for this.

There is no doubt that wider drawers attract more attention when open, and internal drawers are frequently on show, so it is vital to consider the internal aesthetics.

With this in mind, Hettich has added a champagne finish to the existing anthracite, powder-coated steel and stainless steel across all its ArciTech drawer formats. There is a strong move to metallic finishes such as copper and gold in the kitchen, and storage solutions need to keep pace. Champagne complements this new look particularly well.

A choice of drawer heights and side options are critical if the kitchen is to offer that all-important, custom-made factor. Hettich therefore offers various drawer side choices from railing to DesignSide (including glass) and a full suite of internal organisation solutions for all scenarios.

A further point of difference is that ArciTech is now offered with Push-to-open Silent, which means the opening and closing actions are equally convenient and satisfying, no matter how wide the drawer or heavy the load. Push-to-open systems have, until now, required extra pressure on closure to overcome the opening mechanism, but Push-to-open Silent puts paid to that.

From wide drawers to larder units, ArciTech ensures that high standards of design apply to the whole installation.