Thanks to its two vertical spindles, the VGrind 360 also allows for tried-and-tested multi-level machining. This enables tool manufacturers to produce large numbers of milling cutters and drills quickly and precisely. Automated solutions, such as pallet magazines or free-arm robots, allow machining to continue unsupervised around the clock.

 The VGrind 360 enables the machining of carbide drills and milling cutters whose blanks are made from either solid carbide or carbide-tipped steel bodies. Thanks to enhanced travel distances, the VGrind 360 can machine tools depending on their geometry up to a diameter of 200mm.
Proven kinematics with two spindles
As with the previous VGrind 160 model – the new generation comes with tried-and-tested kinematics with two vertically-arranged spindles. Unlike with a single spindle or horizontal double spindle, multi-level machining can be carried out thanks to the vertical arrangement.

This grinding machine therefore achieves more precise results because a workpiece is only ever machined on the fixed bearing side of a grinding wheel set. In addition, the grinding wheel set is always located at the C-axis pivot point, which allows an accurate sharpening process. A further guarantee for precision and accuracy is the polymer concrete design of the machine, as this solid foundation provides improved damping and vibration behaviour.
Automated production around the clock
With five perfectly-harmonised CNC axes, the VGrind 360 achieves perfect interpolation with short travel distances for the linear axes and swivel ranges. This enables tool manufacturers to reduce processing times for machining workpieces.

Non-productive times are reduced because the two grinding spindles can be loaded with different tools. An optional tool magazine with eight grinding wheel packages allows tools on the vertical spindles to be changed over automatically.

Users can use the HP 160 pallet magazine to supply up to 272 workpieces for around-the-clock, unsupervised machining. The HPR 250 free-arm robot can also be integrated. This is used to automatically manufacture carbide tools with various shaft diameters, resulting in three times as much capacity and even greater flexibility.
Intuitive operation with established software
Operation of the VGrind 360 can be easily and individually adjusted thanks to a height-adjustable, pivoting control panel. The display can be positioned in such a way that the operator has an optimal view of the graphic interface and the work area also remains constantly in sight.

To control the machine, Vollmer uses the NUMROTOplus software, which offers comprehensive applications for the production and re-sharpening of various tools.

“With the new VGrind 360, we are continuing to expand our commitment to the international tool grinding market in order to precisely and efficiently manufacture carbide tools,” adds Dr Stefan Brand, CEO of the Vollmer Group. “For us, the VGrind 360 is an important step towards us standing shoulder to shoulder with tool manufacturers across the world as their complete service provider.”