What many do not know: edging specialist Ostermann has Forbo’s entire furniture linoleum collection in its product range and delivers them from its own warehouse. 


Desktop is the classic product line of the Furniture Linoleum Collection and is available in 21 elegant solid colours. Here you will find the popular classics from black to grey, to various shades of beige and current trend colours. Desktop linoleum from Ostermann is delivered as a roll, starting from a length of 1m with a width of 1830mm and a thickness of 2mm.


The fine marbled structure and the surface sealer Topshield 2 make Marmoleum a visually attractive and extremely robust surface. Being particularly dirt-resistant and wear-resistant, this material is suitable even for heavy-load horizontal and vertical surfaces. 

Sampling service: Ostermann offers a sample box with colour samples upon request

Ostermann supplies Marmoleum in rolls 2m wide and 2.5mm thickness, in 12 different colours. Marmoleum Slate has the look and feel of real slate and offers the numerous advantages of a sustainable linoleum surface. The interspersed cocoa husks in Marmoleum Cocoa give it a very unique structure and look. 

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board is a surfacing material made of linoleum, containing finely ground cork, for a wide range of applications. Thanks to its flexibility and elasticity, Bulletin Board is ideally suited for use as pinboard, functional wall decorations or as inlays for furniture and doors. Bulletin Board is available in 15 colours.

Well-matched backing

Ostermann recommends the use of the same material as backing when pressing furniture linoleum. To enable this, Ostermann also supplies the right product. The black linoleum backing can be glued using a standard white glue and is available off-the-shelf, in lengths starting from 1m.

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