After sterling service, the venerable 25-year-old Hoffmann MU-2 routing machine is being relaunched to suit today’s and tommorrow’s industrial needs. 

As a multi-functional and economical construction connector for the assembly of two parts, the Hoffmann Key itself was a brilliant discovery – so too was the development of the basic Hoffmann MU-2 routing machine. 

Now, after almost a quarter of a century in service, it is being re-launched – enter the new MU-3. 

This thoroughly revised machine has been reworked, updated and adapted to suit the current and future needs of the industry, with many new additional features.

Ergonomic, user-friendly as well as up-to-date, the new MU-3 is available in four versions.

MU-3  Basic version for the quick and precise routing of dovetail slots.

MU-3 D  Digital version, with electronic two-axis display for the adjustable routing depth as well as the positioning of the centre fence for the routed slot location. It is ideal for high precision work.

MU-3 P  Pneumatic version for series production and high throughput. Pneumatic workpiece clamping and controlled router feed. The MU-3 P is operated by foot-pedal control.

MU-3 PD  Pneumatic/Digital version – the top machine with the highest operating comfort for a wide range of requirements. Functional features are similar to MU-3 P with a digital two-axis display for the adjustable routing depth as well as the positioning of the centre fence for the routed slot location.

The MU-3 and the MU-3 D have a workpiece thickness capacity of up to 140mm – in the versions MU-3 P and MU-3 PD this increases to 170mm. Infinitely adjustable routing depths up to 95mm and protection against break-through of the finished surface. 

Also new is the two-function hand lever for even faster machine cycles when routing smaller workpieces. The scale tapes in the table and now also in the rear fences assist the quick and precise positioning of the workpieces.

All versions of the new MU-3 routing machine are equipped with a motor carriage which has vernier adjustment for the fine setting of the router cutter and hence the tension of the joint. 

As an option there are extension tables for the support of longer workpieces as per customer requirements. Furthermore there is a laser line for positioning the workpiece to pencil marks.

Good to know, even more so nowadays, that the new cutting edge MU-3 routing machine is 100% Made in Germany. The new Hoffmann MU-3 is available for delivery usually ex-stock.

The  MU-3 and MU-3 D with all accessories as well as the MU-3 PD has been the main focus of attention at several trade shows and the customer response has been very satisfying. 

The Hoffmann W-0 – the latest key size from Hoffmann 

The world of creative design is constantly demanding finer and more delicate wood profiles. These finer details are the highlights of modern times and design.

These profiles are finer and more discreet, especially in the field of furniture and interior design. But that means, the machining processes for these workpieces will be much more difficult – or a corner joint of such profiles almost impossible ... that was until the new Hoffmann W-0 Key arrived.

The Hoffmann research department has responded

The new Hoffmann Key W-0, is approximately 1/3 smaller than its legendary and proven key size, W-1. The W-0 now opens a completely new field of application throughout the woodworking industry. With a cross sectional size of just 3.3 x 4.4mm it will draw together even the smallest of frame profiles – 7mm upwards – with startling strength. Using single or multiple keys, extremely narrow and very high profiles can be jointed.

The new W-0 Hoffmann keys are now available in lengths of 10-, 22- and 35mm. Hoffmann Keys are now available in five standard sizes in terms of cross section. 

Within each cross sectional size, different lengths are available. Thus, for each application, the best possible secure strength is established, to correspond with the expected tension or pressure loads on a joint and hence is totally reliable.

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