Serica matt PVC is the ultimate premium finish and the latest addition to the dp-specialist range from Decorative Panels Lamination. 

The captivating and silky finish gives the surface a real wow effect both to the touch and to the eye. Incorporating anti- scratch and anti-fingerprint technology, Serica is designed to cover all types of furnishings in homes, offices and stores and is an excellent choice for exhibition contractors and specialised projects.

One of the main advantages Serica has over other matt products on the market is its ability to be repaired. Serica surfaces have anti-scratch properties but in case micro-scratches do occur, the surface can be easily repaired with thermal heating. A simple iron can be used to renovate the surface and give it a new life. The PVC’s resilient nature means the surface is robust enough not to require a protective film, making it easy to process within a factory.

Decorative Panels can offer Serica laminated on MDF or dp-lite Hollowcore board. Available 1250mm wide and stocked in 11 unicolour designs as well as a further 19 colours, Serica is deliverable on short lead time. The Serica surface is extremely flexible and can also be used for membrane pressing and profile wrapping.

For those who missed Decorative Panels Lamination at UK Construction Week in October are encouraged to arrange a visit to the company’s impressive Group Marketing Suite without delay. There, visitors will be able to see every surface and product available, including the Serica range. 

The company can provide Serica sample swatches on request.

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