The self-clamp connector has been designed as a unique gluing aid that not only alleviates the need for screws, clamps and presses but also gives the user the flexibility to glue thin materials (from just 12mm in thickness) with no visible joins.

The new design, which is the latest addition to the P-system family, has been developed to work with 45° mitre joints from a material thickness of 15mm and 90° butt joints from a panel thickness of 12mm. The cleverly designed clip system, which can be used on wood-based panels, high press laminates and solid timber, also offers a high clamping force of 100 Newtons for no-nonsense, fast assembly, making it ideal for use on furniture that needs to be delivered pre-glued.

Shaye Chatfield, area sales manager for Lamello UK says: “The Tenso P-10 is a welcome addition to the P-system family. Unlike its big brother, the Tenso P-14, the new Tenso P-10 has been designed to work with thinner materials. Made from glass fibre reinforced plastic, its robust design incorporates eight fingers – the P-14 has six – to offer superior strength when used in a shallow cut. Being able to use the connector on thinner panels, whilst not being restricted by strength or durability, means it can be used on a wider range of applications and offers furniture manufacturers even more design scope.”

The new Tenso P-10 is available in 80, 300 or 1000 pair options with preload clips from Lamello distributors nationwide. Samples available on request. 

For further information, contact Lamello’s UK representative, Shaye Chatfield.

0789 1025 646