For 65 years Sayerlack has been at the forefront of development of innovative wood solutions and for over 25 years Movac has used its expertise in the wood finishing industry to supply UK customers with these high technology products backed with premium levels of technical support.

As the challenges for coatings requirements change with greater emphasis on sustainable products with less environmental impact, Sayerlack is at the forefront of coatings developments as well as assessing the impact that its activities and products have.

With its GAIA initiative, Sayerlack has created an integrated programme of environmental sustainability consisting of three segments:

  • AIR – by using the most advanced technologies Sayerlack is reducing environmental impact by using raw materials that are from non-fossil sources. This approach focuses on specially allocated bio-resources and specific bio-renewable sources that are clearly defined and traced via the C14 method.
  • AQUA – Sayerlack has created a range of odour-free, low hazard products containing low monomer content isocyanates or based on alternative isocyanate-free NOT-ISO PU technology.
  • EARTH – this project has developed ready-to-use, high solid/dry residue products that have a low volatile organic compound content as they do not need to be diluted. It also encompasses the Hydroplus range of water-based coatings.

Aesthetical appearance is key when coating furniture and the Sayerlack Hydroplus range of water-based coatings can be used to produce finishes where appearance and tactile properties are indistinguishable from those traditionally achieved with solvent-based coatings. These high technology products also ensure the same kind of mechanical strength and chemical resistance as two-pack polyurethane finishes.

With the drive towards a higher level of environmental responsibility from users and end clients alike the call for furniture to be coated in a more environmentally-harmonious way is becoming paramount both during the coating stage and the final installation phase.

Specifiers and applicators are choosing coatings with as few harmful substances as possible to meet this need, and as always, Sayerlack remains at the forefront of this research.

For more information on any of these greener products contact Movac Group now to find out what colour your future is.

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