According to Hesse Lignal, its Fantastic-Color meets the highest lacquer demands and provides surfaces with up to 60% more coverage in one application, helping manufacturers to improve their bottom line efficiency.

Improving bottom line efficiency is a key priority for many of its customers in the shopfitting, furniture and marine industries. However, with production costs rising and industry growth stalling amid current economic uncertainty, improving bottom line efficiency can be easier said than done. But if there’s one rule of thumb to follow, it’s to never become complacent in the manufacturing materials and processes.

Excelling in manufacturing requires innovation and embracing new ideas. Looking at processes through these eyes can help elevate a business and increase profit. With this in mind, for those who have not already explored Fantastic-Color range, Hesse says it’s worth a closer look. It is a natural choice for those looking to improve their bottom line, helping to reduce manufacturing processing times and material costs. 

Hesse says its pigmented, light-fast and very well balanced two-component PU acrylic resin lacquer covers up to 60% more surface area in one application compared with the leading alternatives. It says it has an outstanding ability to stay on vertical surfaces, as well as excellent levelling on horizontal surfaces. 

What’s more, the German company claims, the lacquer can be applied directly to MDF edges without using special primers and fillers. As a result, it says, the desired finish is achieved much faster; thus reducing processing times, without compromising on quality.

For those not already aware of Hesse products, they enjoy an outstanding reputation among manufacturing professionals. 

Not only do all of Hesse Lignal’s products meet the IMO standard for coatings and Class B1 fire certification, but Fantastic-Color is also free from wood preservatives, toxic heavy metals, phthalate plasticisers and formaldehyde – ensuring both the wellbeing of the sprayers, as well as the end users.

Fantastic-Color is suitable for all interior surfaces, making it an ideal choice for manufacturers working in different industries – from kitchens and bathrooms, to coatings for marine interiors. 

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