Make designs stand out from the crowd with a selection of exclusive melamine and worktop décors.

Creating a unique furniture design can be challenging, especially when décor choices are same-old-same-old. Imagine a new brochure featuring exclusive decors, unavailable anywhere else. This is where Kronospan has really excelled with the release of its new brochure, gathering together all of its copyrighted décor designs.


Welcome to The Kollection of informed, on-trend designs, exclusive to Kronodesign, available now at Lawcris. The Kollection features 39 incredibly realistic woodgrains, ranging in tone from the cool and contemporary to warm and rustic. For those seeking to go above and beyond the regular woodgrain offering, two intricately-crafted end-grains present an opportunity for outstanding design, sure to draw attention.

Alongside these woodgrains sit unique unicolours and authentic stone effects, the result of extensive research into global design, developed through Kronodesign customer interaction and journeys across the exhibitions and fairs both in the UK and around the world. The Kollection combines imagination with experience to give you the best in surface design.

The Kollection features exclusive décors from Kronospan’s coveted Pure Wood range, a group of impressively realistic timber effects with a semi-matt finish that looks uncannily like a lightly polished veneer, but with all the manufacturing benefits of melamine-faced boards; strength, reliability, easy-to-work and a totally consistent performance.

For a modern look, the Slim Line range within The Kollection presents an ultra-thin 12mm profile. Technological advances mean this new thin profile is more than strong enough to use as a worktop, while innovative manufacturing techniques give high levels of resistance to heat, water, abrasion and impact, perfectly suited to the hardest working kitchens or table surfaces. 

Stain resistant and easy to clean, these worktops combine contemporary design with practicality, creating an elegant finish with a totally modern feel.

Inspirational and aspirational, The Kollection offers an exclusive palette formulated to create the latest look for interior designers. A sample brochure is available from Lawcris.