Following the recent launch of the Hi-Macs Strato collection, the company is now introducing Hi-Macs Intense Ultra, described by the company as a revolution for the solid surface market which opens new possibilities for surface design.

Intense is a new material formulation which it says gives a remarkable performance. The product range combines the characteristics from two disparate worlds: intense colour technology and ultra-thermoforming.

Dark colours become more intense, darker and also more resistant, with less visible scratches. The new formulation allows for colour consistency during and after fabrication, maintaining the dark colour when worked, producing less sanding dust and leaving fewer sanding marks on the surface and edges. 

The new Hi-Macs Intense Ultra, also has excellent thermoforming capabilities. The new formula allows the material to reach a very small internal radius, up to 6mm, with almost no whitening effect even when using dark colours. Sharp curves and dramatic designs in darker tones that were once out of reach for solid surface materials, are now made possible with Hi-Macs.

Hi-Macs Intense Ultra is available from September 2019 in the following colours: Black, Dark Grey and Grey.