Nesting is a very efficient and versatile method of producing components out of large, raw boards. Rather than using a beam saw and a CNC, the nesting CNC allows the operations to be performed on a single machine, with an optimisation of the production time and results. 

Consequently, the demand for CNC nesting application tools is continuously growing, being particularly useful to speed up the manufacturing of shaped parts that normally require cutting, drilling, grooving and sizing.  

In order to support a large base of users, including kitchen manufacturers and furniture makers, with a solution that enables them to thrive in a highly demanding market, Freud, the world-leading manufacturer of premium cutting tools, has expanded its superior quality product portfolio, launching new ranges dedicated to a variety of CNC applications.  

Freud’s new premium ranges for the CNC nesting applications

Freud’s new Solid Carbide Cutters and Spoilboard Surfacing Cutters – counting hundreds of products – are the result of the finest raw materials, an expertise acquired over nearly 60-year experience in the cutting industry, continuous investments in R&D as well as the best-in-class manufacturing machines.

Thanks to a new, dedicated and premium Titanium Cobalt Carbide formula, in-house manufactured by Freud and specifically formulated to achieve a high level of hardness and tenacity, these newly designed nesting tools guarantee the greatest resistance to wear and impact and a lifetime prolonged by 50%. 

The exceptional durability is but one of the main benefits offered to the users.


Flawless results with Freud new CNC cutters

According to the company, both ranges deliver, in fact, remarkable cutting performance and vibration-free cuts, due to tight mechanical tolerances and tool dynamic balancing, combined with new flute designs and geometries, for the Solid Carbide Cutters – a result of Freud’s partnership with the main CNC machine manufactures – and with extraordinarily precise knives, for the Spoilboard Surfacing Cutters. 

Additionally, these cutting tools, engineered to deliver a flawless finishing, leverage special helix designs and geometries (Solid Carbide Cutters) and the shear angle positioning of the knives (Spoilboard Surfacing Cutters). 

Freud’s new ranges for CNC nesting applications are, therefore, a recommended choice for users which demand superior cutting performance, impeccable finishing and exceptional durability and which aim to maximise production, while reducing manufacturing costs. The optimum solution to be always competitive!